Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I now remember why I HATE Contractors...

They were supposed to come out Monday at 8 AM. Only, HUGE thunder-boomers were predicted, so SG reluctantly told them to wait until today, Wednesday. It was a good decision; it started raining about 10:30 PM Monday, and didn't stop until about 11 AM yesterday. 5" of MUCH needed rain.

So. I jokingly told SG that I bet no one would show up. He told me no, the contractor had called him at 7:15 AM this morning, and was on his way. (This was at 8:30). I said, OK, I'll give him until 9:30 before I called in my bet.

The guy showed up at 9:00 and LEFT at 9:15. He'd already rescheduled the delivery of the supplies to tomorrow, and had told his guys not to bother. :grrrrrrrrrr:

The husband is PISSED.

At 11:00, the kids and I decided what the heck, let's run to Wal*Mart so Himself can see about finally spending his gift card. I hear a honk outside, and Bailey went NUTS.

It was the contractor, again, with some dude he introduced as "my new business partner!". Um.....yeah. OK.......

The husband is even more pissed now, because what? Why bring some dude by - I thought it was a building inspector, the way he was dressed, and was confused because we're in the county and aren't required to get inspections - and tell him the plans? :grrrrrrr:

I am not too worried about our safety. Contractor glanced in the door when the kids came out this AM - and Bree scared the bejeebers out of him (which is why I HAVE large dogs. The larger the better - and Wolfhounds are NOT common out here. Danes and Dobermans and Shepherds are....I like the exotic scariness of Bree.....and it's why I will try to ALWAYS have a wolfie on hand.)

I also have a taser on hand...just in case. And my Walther - but I don't like bringing it out. I'd much rather the populace know about the taser - it's easier all around.

SG thinks that maybe this happened because he told the guy he wouldn't be home today. One of those "snow the wife-y" kind of deals. We have it figured out for tomorrow - SG will go in late. And "come home early". :wink:

So. Supposedly, they will start tomorrow, and work like gangbusters.

At least there's a bright side - I'll be heading to the Post Office in a moment. I have a box to mail, and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make it until later this week. (OK, so it's a reach. Still.....always look on the bright side, no?)

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