Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
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ALL the supplies (except the siding) are now in my garage. The HD guy was very nice. So was Mike, and guy #4 (Skeeter? Scooter? Something odd Texan like that.) is supposed to be here in the morning. And all weekend. (Great. Now I have a squatter. :sigh: and :lol:)

SG said "No, he doesn't have to work this weekend. *I'll* be home on Monday - that's OK." *I* said "YES. Yes, he does - because IF you let them off, we might not see them again!"

I'd much rather my Sabbath be interrupted by the joyous sounds of *work* being done - work that SHOULD have been done this week! - instead of having a nice, quiet Sabbath and possibly NO work sounds next week.

I will say that my French Doors are a lovely sight. I've ALWAYS wanted a house with French Doors - don't know why, but I love the look. Granted, they aren't ON my house yet, but I finally have my French Doors.......they will look very nice in the wall, set in between 2 large windows. (The garage door wall will be mostly glass - LOTS of light! We figured it'd be less construction, and therefore less labor costs....and I like natural light.)

So. We shall see tomorrow.........all bets are off. SG has started to show his displeasure with Mike, and MAYBE it's working. We'll see. I HOPE they finally get off their arses and get to work - I'm tired of limbo.

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