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Previous Entry Friday Follies Mar. 23rd, 2012 @ 09:28 am Next Entry
It's 9:30 AM, and no sign of contractors. Why am I not surprised?

Friday evenings here are "family night". We take turns choosing what we'll do as a family that evening. It ranges from board games to movies - last week, SG and I got to watch while Himself and Herself tried out the new Wii - it's a lot of fun.

Next week is my turn, and I'm hoping to play a new board game. "Settlers of Catan". It looks like a ton of fun - sort of Risk-like, but without the battles and invasions. The goal is to settle an island, and the board gets set up differently each time you play, so it's always a "new" game.

We've got Monopoly for the PS3 - it's the only video game we have that has a 4-player option. It's...OK, but the characters are a bit....odd. I chose the wheelbarrow; it's a female farmer in Daisy-dukes and bare feet that likes to yodel. :silly: The dog is walked by a woman in a power-suit with a narrow pencil skirt and 4" heels - we can't figure out HOW she walks the dog, because her skirt is too tight for a real human to move in. The car is a big.....Billy-Bob sort of guy, who can't say anything other than "Vroom-vroom!" :lol: The ship is an admiral who likes to throw his hat in the air. It's silly, but fun.

We need to do History (today we're reading about William the Conqueror) and our chapter of "the Hobbit". Then I get to start dinner - tonight is calzone. :mmmmmm: That is, of course, unless I get interrupted by someone actually showing up. (SG just called - Mike is PISSED that no one is here yet. Right.......I have a hard time believing that HE'S upset.....)

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