Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Oh. My!

Skeeter and his..partner? - hereafter referred to a "#5") showed up today! At 12:33, after NUMEROUS phone calls to Mike. Mike showed up, as well - then ran off to purchase...something for them, then left again.

They "worked" until 2, when they left for lunch - BUT! They were back by 2:53. Whoa - an hour lunch!?!!!! Who'd'a thunk it??

So far, they have pulled off the drywall of the wall facing the street, insulated, and re-drywalled (most of) it. SUPPOSEDLY, the door wall and BOTH interior walls will be DONE - or at least to the point that we will be able to actually SECURE the new room with the door hardware we picked up yesterday.

I am not holding my breath, because Skeeter is doing all that work himself, while #5 is sorta-kinda taking down the pool deck. Let's just say that neither one of my children are as lazy as these 2 - and both my kids like to slack off. :rolls eyes: (Next to #5 and Skeeter, my children are PARAGONS of activity.'s like watching paint dry.)

Mike assured me this AM that the room WILL be finished - TOTALLY - by Friday; I think the pool is included in that time-frame, but I am more worried about my room. I have friends coming over Saturday :gasp!: and they kinda need a way into the house. (Our front door is usable, yes - but you can't get TO it right now, thanks to the swamp we have going. Sort of a quasi-Everglades. See, this was a cow pasture, and drainage wasn't a factor. The land has a very gentle slope right to the area in front of my front porch - I managed to pick the ONLY area in the entire property that was level enough to build on for the house. Seriously - the rest of the property slopes one way or another, mostly down to the creek. The back yard even slopes! :giggle: The area in front of the front porch is a kinda bowl.......and it's all swampy. These guys will "fix" it for us, complete with a field stone sidewalk, for another $1500...but WE can do it a lot cheaper and quicker. So....that's on the list. Near the bottom - we never use the front door anyway. :snicker:)

And if you're wondering why I'm blogging this whole thing - records. Just in case we have to take action, all my entries are time- and date-stamped. Just in case - I learned that with the whole home-building fiasco. My webpage FINALLY got the builders off their arses...after I dropped a few hints that I had named names on the WWW. :lol: Seriously....6 months to build a non-custom home? That's outrageous! So is this current I keep records. Both written, and here on the web. I'm about to start naming names, too....just so that anyone googling this crew will see what's going on. :nods:

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