Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Book Review, Part 2

First up, no contractors today. Seems that Skeeter's truck is dead. SUPPOSEDLY, they'll be back tomorrow. Any bets??? I've painted the french doors (barn red. Don't ask - they look nice, but they are RED. :lol:) and washed my new-to-me rugs. The lady on CL said they were "almost" new and didn't match her decor...I think the cat pee didn't match her scents. :ick: They're nice enough, though, and I scrubbed the dickens out of them, so they'll be fine. They're currently on what's left of the deck, drying.

Now. I finished Hunger Games 2 and 3 yesterday. They....I don't like them. After spending all of Book 1 getting you to actually LIKE Katniss, Ms. Collins spends the next 2 books tearing her down. I mean......:sigh:

(I have to spoil some, here. Sorry!) In Book 1, you're told that Katniss could cause the Districts to rebel, so she has to toe the line. Why then, does she get sent BACK to the Games????? I mean...if *I* were the ruler, and was afraid that rebellious folk were going to rally around *you*, you'd better believe I'd be out there, showering you with gifts, making you my right-hand person - ANYTHING to keep peace. NOT put you in a position to probably be martyred! (And the way it was done would have - in the real world! -caused the rebellions to pick up, not fizzle out. You simply DON'T try to sacrifice the current "hero" of the people!)

I also don't like how Katniss is made out to be self-centered, focused just on herself. In Book 1, it's apparent that she's NOT like that at all - her whole focus was on trying to save her male "partner"; it's said over and over again that she couldn't go home if she was the one to kill him (and before that, her family - it's why she signed up for tesserae, after all - NOT for her sake, but her sister's.). So...why pit them against each other again? Especially with the whole "Romeo and Juliet" thing going? It......makes no sense.

And the whole "love triangle" thing? Doesn't make sense either. Katniss made plain in Book 1 that she had NO interest in love/boys/doing the family thing. So....why throw it in the sequels?

Ah, well - not every book can be a winner. I need to go scout out my next read......something light, I think. :grin:

I'm trying to get past that, to look at the under-levels...but it's hard.

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