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My "we'll have this job done in 3 days!" remodel is now on day 7. Only, not really, since Mr. "I will be there AT 12:00" Skeeter hasn't shown up yet. Again.

Progress has been made, yes. The walls need to be textured, then I can paint ("Oh, you'll be able to paint Friday morning FOR SURE!"). The attic access needs to be changed (we have one, but it's crap. We bought a new one that they said they'd be happy to install). The ductwork needs to be run - and the registers need to be installed in the ceiling. And the siding needs to be picked up and installed. Oh - and they need to add a light switch next to the door and another plug next to the refrigerator.

They have assured me OVER and OVER again that the job WILL be FINISHED by today before they leave.

I don't see how. Granted, it won't take long to texture - that just gets blown on. It shouldn't take that long to tie in to the existing ducts, run the new, and hook up to the new registers - which also shouldn't take that long to install. The wiring....doesn't take long, from what I can tell - but they have to do ALL of it, today.

And Skeeter's the only guy actually working on the garage - #5 has been putzing around, taking down the pool deck. Which was done *yesterday*. :sigh:

This whole thing was supposed to be DONE by now. I was supposed to be able to, you know, actually MOVE IN next week. Before Passover. The plan was to have reclaimed the dining room, and gotten it ready for it's re-do by Passover, then, during Matzoh I could paint it and get the furniture set up. :sigh:

So much for best-laid plans.

Anyway. In other news, I scored a set of "The History of the English Language" by The Teaching Company for $50. New, it runs $379 (when it's not on sale - which only happens once a year, they say.) We're currently working our way thru "Excavating English", so this will be what we do *after* we finish that. I LOVE linguistics, so this - is too cool! :lol: (It's one of the things I like about being Teacher-Mom; *I* get to pick what we learn about. So - they'll get linguistics, Shakespeare, and Music Theory, along with the State-required Reading, Writing, Math and Good Citizenship. Oh, and British History, since we're currently steam-rolling thru "Royal Britain" - we are up to the Plantagenets now. :bounce:)("History of English" is a college-level course, and sounds fascinating. Just, not $400 fascinating! :lol:) I like the other Teaching Company videos we have - they're well-produced, and a good introduction to college classes. Just...I can't afford them if they're not on deep discount.

Need to go plan lunch......and start the Friday afternoon house-cleaning. Tonight's menu is Nachos - easy, fast, and good.

Shabbat Shalom!

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