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:bigger sigh:


Previous Entry :bigger sigh: Mar. 30th, 2012 @ 03:46 pm Next Entry
I have a post maybe brewing that Anna sparked...but it's going to have to wait until Sunday. Why?

Well, the guys showed up at 2 again. Mike showed up.....sometime later (I was in the house and didn't hear him; SG is home today and was handling things). Seems that....somehow...our contractor ordered the WRONG J-channel for the siding (like I have a clue...)

The siding itself is perfect - Alpine Green; it almost perfectly matches the trim color on the house. The J-channel he ordered is.....outside corner, instead of the inside corner we need. (And he's a professional??!!)

So. While Mike was on the phone trying to see if ANY Home Depot in the city has Alpine Green inside corner J-channel, Skeeter, #5, SG and I were pow-wowing. Seems that J-channel is only 3/4" - 1" visible...so, why not just use white? The brick on the house is white (dirty white, but still) and the windows and door trim are white...so...why not? White is a "common" color, so surely SOMEONE has it in stock. :sigh:

I want my room sided. Today. Now. I'm TIRED of waiting...and this? Is just the icing on the cake. :sigh:

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