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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Monday, Monday....

Today is a "rest" day. (:snicker:). I'm not doing ANYTHING that involves paint. Or heavy-cleaning. Or talking, much. I lost my voice Saturday evening, and the discussion yesterday over plants killed what I had left. Today was fun in school - I managed to make it thru "Excavating English".....Henry II was a bit of a strain...but the Killer was The Hobbit. I'd have been fine if it hadn't been the chapter on The Battle of Five Armies.....:lol:

I went thru both freezers this morning, and I *think* all the leavened stuff is gone (well, except for 1 lunch for Himself).

Ali posted a FANTASTIC thought over the weekend - that (I'm paraphrasing here), while the physical removal of all leavening is important, we should be focusing on removing the Spiritual leavening, as well. I'm still thinking on this - we know that Messiah replaced the animal sacrifices, but sin still needs to be covered (and His blood does it, IF you believe.) So.

The early Church kept the Jewish Traditions. Removal of all leaven for Pesach, menorahs for Hanukkah, shofars at Rosh Hashanah - the whole thing. They were Jewish, but they knew the Messiah had come and died for their sins. Somewhere, that got all messed up - and I think I can see the "how".

Someone came in, and said, hey - Christ abolished the sacrifices, so we don't need to do that anymore! Why are we doing "x" (insert your favorite Jewish Tradition here)? For example, "Why are we spending time removing all the leaven? Didn't Christ abolish that? I mean, He removed all our sin, so why are we frantically cleaning house?"

Now. I can see the 'duality of reality' here (that Torah Class explains SO WELL) do the leaven hunt to *remind* you of the sins in your heart/spirit. Just like there's really no way to get all the bread crumbs out of the house (unless you say "Screw it!" and move into a brand-spanking new house right before Passover, with all new furniture. :wink:), YOU can't remove sin from your life - you need the Messiah for that. I know that Yah will forgive me if I miss crumbs....but that doesn't give me a free pass to NOT try and remove all of them, right?

I mean - just because I *know* that my sins are covered - ALL of them, past, present AND future! - it doesn't mean that I can go out and attack all the people that annoy me. Torah says that Pesach means remove all leaven *for all generations* not "until, you know, Jesus comes".

Just like ALL the Feasts - they are to be observed for ALL generations, not a few. Matt. 5 makes that VERY plain. (As does Torah, if you *read* it.) They are shadows of things to come....and keeping them makes your Faith even more strong.

Gotta run - SG just called and I need to go get his truck tags. :sigh: More later...

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