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We survived....


Previous Entry We survived.... Apr. 4th, 2012 @ 09:26 am Next Entry
Thank GOD for that! *12* tornadoes tore thru the DFW area yesterday - yes, 12. We were lucky - we got hail and heavy rain, but no twisters. Some rotation, but - lucky.

We lost power at 7 - AFTER the storms had rolled thru. It was off about 1 hour - so not a big deal.

Anna says we made Extinction protocol - I'm not sure if I should be geeked or horrified. :weak laugh:

We WERE lucky in that - so far! - there have been no fatalities. If you look at the damage, you'll see God's Hand in it - these storms were NASTY.

:deep breath:

Passover: Anna, I think I may have an idea on the 7 days of leaven: In Lev. 8, it's talking about consecrating Aaron and his sons - and they have to spend 7 days in the Tabernacle, eating unleavened bread and meat from the sacrifices. I wonder if that has *anything* to do with the 7 days of the Feast? (Also...the moon won't be full for another 2 days, according to my widget. I couldn't check the moon myself last night - too many clouds - but I'm going to try and observe it tonight. And Venus, of course. :grin: No arguments from me on the dates, just wanted to toss that out there. Without my physically double-checking, I can't say the widget is correct.)

Math: Homeschool Buyer's Co-op is offering a FREE May - August subscription to Your Teacher.com. It's normally $159, so this is a great deal. If you sign up for it, it'll show the charge - but they don't ask for any billing info. You can't access it until May - but still, it's a good trial. It's middle and high school math - yes, I signed up for it. ANYTHING to help Herself (should we be here in May, that is :wink:)

Nothing else to say. I'm still waiting to see if anyone shows up to work today, but....that's about all that's going on. We're going outside in a bit to clean up; we had high winds and they tossed a few things around. We had brought the seedlings inside, so they survived.

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