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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Passover Musings.....

Been thinking. It's probably going to get long, so I put it behind a cut.

The Jewish sites Anna's been linking have all been predicting THIS is the year for Messiah's coming. (Or...return. :wink:) I've had a problem with it....not only because Devorah (one of the sites) was *wrong* earlier (she said that something big and bad was going to happen a while back, and during "the" week, NOTHING happened. Nothing big, nothing small - if something happened, it was so small no one noticed it; she (and her sources, some autistic prophets) said it would be huge.....but. My problem?

I understand, from Revelation, that Messiah doesn't come back until Armegedden. He comes, He kicks ass, and sets up His 1,000 year Kingdom. I am open to the fact that I am wrong on this....but that's my understanding. ("Rapture" verses aside - they just say that the *raptured* meet Him in the clouds. Revelation says that "every eye will SEE Him". So...that's *my* understanding. Feel free to correct me!)

I was thinking about this on Friday. What IF.....and this is pure speculation on my part, because I may be wrong, but.....what if what they are predicting *is NOT* Yeshua, the Messiah, but, instead...the Adversary in his Anti-Christ role?

I'm not saying that the Jewish nation as a whole would jump on the AC's bandwagon.....but...they've been searching for Messiah for SO LONG, and they dismissed Him the first time. It makes sense to *me* that if someone appeared that seemed to have the right credentials (and the Adversary...does, if you ignore Yeshua!)...then.....the current prophecies/predictions make a whole lot of scary sense. And fit in with Revelation.

Also - Ure (and others) have been worried about a mass EMP that will destroy technology etc. *I* am not. Why? Revelation, again. When the 2 Witnesses are assassinated, EVERY eye sees them. When they are resurrected on the 3rd day, EVERY EYE in EVERY NATION sees it - which, honestly, implies a pretty healthy dose of current technology. TVs, for one, certainly digital tools that allow you to watch news feeds on. SO...while there may be a huge EMP, it won't take the entire world's infrastructure down for very long - the Witnesses are here 3.5 years, so everything - at least digital viewing devices - HAVE to be back up, running, and accessible to everyone by that point. Otherwise, that portion of Revelation can't be fulfilled. (Of course, the Witnesses haven't arrived on the scene yet to my knowledge.......but I KNOW we are close. So....take my musings here with a grain of salt. :grin:)

That's where my mind has been all weekend.

Today, according to the Jewish calendar, is FirstFruits - the Feast marking the Resurrection. May your day be Blessed!

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