Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I'm home!

Left work at 12:23!! Would have been sooner, but FA wouldn't let me go. :bangs head: Still - I'm out at almost the correct time!

Cynthia gave us 2 small DVD cabinets - they look nice; the laminate almost perfectly matches the entertainment center. I'm going to put the Teaching Company DVDs, the Shakespeare DVDs, and my Jane Austen DVDs on 1 of them, and all of our Series DVDs on the other. That'll clear up space for our "regular" DVDs.....and we have lots. Lots. :sigh: (Which reminds me: Anna, check your email later today/tomorrow. :wink:)

No school today; we'll double-up tomorrow. I wasn't able to print out the week's stuff yesterday because the power kept going out; I started early on my work printing, and had JUST gotten the last page printed when the power went out the first time. So, this afternoon I'll get everything printed and filed, and we'll be ready to open-and-go in the morning.

Which is when Mike is supposed to show up. :snicker: Y'all believe that, right? Right??? 9 AM, sharp. :lol: We'll see.......

Ali sent us a box!!! Thank you!!!!! That's on the list for tomorrow after school!

Need to go start printing, and re-arranging the DVDs. Fun times, fun times!

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Tags: blather, homeschool

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