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Well, I won THAT bet!


Previous Entry Well, I won THAT bet! Apr. 9th, 2012 @ 05:56 pm Next Entry
and I didn't even put money on it!

Quick recap (as Hugh reminded me I didn't update last night): Yesterday, Mike called, as he had said he would. Seems that the weather was gonna be bad, so why don't we postpone until Tuesday, 9 AM. Sharp.

My husband is a SAINT. He agreed to Tuesday. I...am not, and was very very grumpy over it. Should have placed a bet...

Today on his way home, my darling husband got a call. Seems that Mike is in too poor of health to come out and supervise. He'll be out Friday, for sure. My sainted husband said OK.

Me? I HIT THE ROOF. No. NO. I asked him why he didn't bring up the fact that he (Mike) has NEVER been supervising Skeeter and #5; in fact, he hasn't been out here much at all. He said he was trying to be a nice guy, so that Mike won't claim that *we* are the cause of his "poor health".

"Poor Health" my ass......poor wallet, more likely. We paid in FULL, remember? So he can't bilk any more money out of us......and he *cashed* our checks, so.....he's spent it. On something NOT my job. :bangs head:

I asked Cynthia to ask her attorney niece what the proper procedure is. I am READY to call an attorney NOW, but SG wants to wait. (I did say he was a saint, right?) SG has agreed to call the DA tomorrow (if his work flow allows) to see what we can do - but I am pissed.

I am a patient person (I gave Alden YEARS on my lovely Norwegian wheel, with just a few phone calls a year - I don't mind waiting when I KNOW the work is being done!)...but this circus has tried me to my limit. This is a joke...only it's not funny.

:sigh: Back to your regularly scheduled programming.....I need to go yell at a horse, I think.

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