Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I need to step away from the computer....

because I am spending WAY too much time (and money!) on eBay. It's not my fault - honestly! It's just...

It started a few weeks ago when I decided to replace all our Shakespeare VHSes with DVDs. I got FANTASTIC deals on them.....and then I got a catalog from The Teaching Company (aka The Great Courses). Wow....LOTS of educational DVDs there - but the prices! Even on sale - I can't spend $69+ on DVDs, no matter how educational they are. (And most of them go on "sale" at $119+. Yes, they're college-level courses. No, I can't afford that.) So....I idly put "Teaching Company DVD" in eBay's search box.....and hit the jackpot.

Meteorology. My Favorite Universe (taught by Neil DeGrasse Tyson!). History of the English Language.....and a handful of others in the $10 range that I am watching. It's......I gotta stop. (Amazon also has some...but nowhere NEAR as cheap. I've looked.....if I wanted VHSes, I'd be set - but we don't have a VCR any more, so I'm kinda stuck with DVD. :sigh:)

After I score "How to Understand Great Art". So far, the cheapest I've found is $80 - and I'm not paying that. I can wait. :shifty eyes: Oh, and "Basic Math" for Herself - she's very very bad at basic addition and subtraction, and multiplication is hit-or-miss. I can't get her to watch Khan Academy - it's on the 'net, and it's basically 1-on-1. She doesn't think she has a problem with we have to do something we ALL can watch, or she won't. It's not worth the I am looking for cheap. If I can figure out how to watch it on the TV, we'll be set - but AppleTV doesn't web surf, and - so far - I can't get the iPad to "share" video with the TV (and we have the cable-thingy. I just....don't understand how to get it to work. It's on the list....)

Of course, I really need to schedule time to *watch* the courses we already have. We had started "Mental Math"...but dropped it because we got a bit busy. I need to make sure we do it.....

I need to quit looking at the catalogue, too - I get in trouble that way. :lol: Physics, anyone? How about History of the US, as taught by *3* professors? Or World History? Statistics? Understanding Great Music? OOOOOH - how about the Operas of Mozart? Art of the Louvre? I....never mind - I don't NEED them. :lol: (I think it's because I didn't go to college, so...I am trying to cram all the education I'd like into my head. And I'm dragging my kids along with me. :snicker:)

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