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You will NOT believe this!!!!


Previous Entry You will NOT believe this!!!! Apr. 12th, 2012 @ 07:41 am Next Entry
SG JUST called (7:20 CST) to tell me that - are y'all sitting down??? You need to! I'll wait! - MIKE called him! And was on his way to Home Depot to pick up the j-channel, and would be AT MY HOUSE!!!!!!! at 8:30 AM!!!! TODAY!!!!!!

:ahem: I don't believe the 8:30 AM part, but - a) he called BEFORE 7:30 AM, which is unheard of and b) he wants to "get the job done before it starts raining". (Let's not mention last Tuesday, when it did MUCH MORE than just "rain", 'k? Because that would totally ruin his gesture.)

No mention was made of the pool install....but. He's supposed to show up to finish my room. Today.

Now, before we get all excited....HE hasn't done a day's work on my room yet - Skeeter and #5 (well, mostly Skeeter) has done all the work so far. I'm still unsure of the whole hold-up - again, MIKE hasn't done any work, and hasn't been over-seeing the job - but. I really, really HOPE they show up and get it done. I need to get my studio set up so I can WEAVE again. I need it.......inkle weaving just isn't the same, and I can't get to the RH loom to get my fix that way. (And let's not mention the sewing projects I want to do. Can't do them without someplace to set up the machine.....)

So. You're now up to date, as are my records. I'll update later with any news.....hopefully to say that the room is DONE. :fingers crossed:

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