Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I have a studio!

Well, *almost*. The siding is DONE (it's......1 side isn't level, and it's obvious because of the white j-channel, but you know what? I am prepared to live with it, because of all the crap getting to this point); the plugs have all been put in (but not wired yet) and the attic access has been installed (only *I* can't open it, because...I don't know if it's not level, or what. SG can open it, so *I do not care*.)

Still needing completion: wiring. I'd like the plugs and light switch to actually, you know, *work*. The ducts need to be added, and the registers installed in the ceiling. The doors.....still aren't perfectly light-tight at the bottom (ie, you can see a sliver of daylight at the bottom, where the 2 doors meet).....but you can't hear anything outside when they are closed, so....(Skeeter has his boombox BOOMING while he works. I think it's to hide the clangs and crashes of stuff falling on the floor.)

And of course, the pool hasn't even been mentioned. I tried to pin Mike down 2x yesterday (Yes, He was THERE all day! Doing nothing, but hey - he was there!) - both times I asked him "So, when do you think you'll start on the pool? I can't do my floors with these boxes in here...." and both times I got "We have to finish the room First." No shit, Sherlock - I just want a ball-park date range, you know?

After Mike left, I pinned Skeeter down. He said "Huh. He hasn't said anything to us about it, but I'll move the boxes to your tractor shed for you tomorrow."

Right. Um...the shed is OPEN on 4 sides. The boxes will get RUINED the first good rain we have (Sunday. Supposed to get BIG thunderboomers back in on Sunday, and the forecasters are starting to mutter things like "Super Cell" and "possible violent weather" and....very quietly...."maybe a repeat of last Tuesday". :shudder:).....SG is cool with it, because if the pool gets damaged, he'll go for Mike's throat. :sigh:

I also found out something interesting. See, I go out and yak with the guys when they're not busy. (I am sneaky. I go out 3 or 4 times a day to check on my pregnant goats, or Dusty (who is, after all, an Old Man), and while out we get to chatting. :snicker:) Yesterday, Skeeter dropped the little fact that last week (Monday and Tuesday) they were "hanging drywall. :roll eyes: You don't HANG DRYWALL when it's raining outside - yeah, you're inside,'s not smart." And he also mentioned 2 or 3 times that he's "told him that we need to do 1 job at a time. Working more than that is just...stupid, 'cause we don't get anything *done*."

Busted. :lol: Apparently, other customers have been complaining, too.

I need to start hinting heavily about our pool...because I really don't want to wait until SUMMER for them to start on it. I know - I'll turn Herself loose on them. She's like a dog with a bone - and she won't drop it. :evil grin:

They're supposed to be back at "straight up 9 AM". We'll see.....any bets??

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