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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I got a nice complement yesterday from my husband...

I got a new catalogue from The Teaching Company yesterday, and last night I was yammering on about it to SG while he helped me fix dinner. (Baked potatoes. Mmmmm....he did the turkey bacon. It was *yummy*!)

Anyway. I was reading him the course titles, and some of them I was reading the lecture titles as well. He stopped me, and said "I wish we could find some on England or Scotland." "Oh! They have quite a few - here...." and I started listing those off. And marking the ones that he thought sounded good (not to buy direct - most of them are in the $400 range, which is WAY out of our budget), and happily telling him what they covered, what they needed to cover, and oh! They also have THIS, and THIS, and - hey, they have 1 that covers WWI and another that covers WWII, and wouldn't THOSE be cool, and and and...

He stopped me again, looked at me, and said "You know, your kids sure are lucky. They have a mom that actually LIKES spending time and money to make sure they get a fantastic education. I many *other* kids' parents are actually excited to look at *lecture* DVDs?" (He also was happy that I spend time hunting bargains. Why not? Spend a few hours on eBay scoring bargains, and I can get MORE education for the same price as 1 new DVD set. Works for me!)

I started laughing. See, I mentioned this on my LJ the other day! "Oh!" I told him "It's just....I'm getting the education *I* always wanted but couldn't afford, and I am going to drag the kids along with me!"

SG is happy with me, because I told him that I'd be happy to schedule the DVDs for in the evening, after he gets home. He really wants to learn some of this stuff, too, but has to work. *I* don't really want to watch them 2x in 1 day, so.....we'll watch them during/after dinner. We can "give up" 30 minutes an evening to educate ourselves.

Yesterday, we watched the 1st lecture of Neil DeGrasse Tyson's "My Favorite Universe". I LOVE him - he's the guy on NOVA Science Now; he's funny and well-spoken, and very, very, very passionate about Astrophysics and Astronomy - and these lectures are well done. He gets SO excited, and the kids pick up on that. (You can find this set on eBay for under $20; 12 30-minute lectures. I HIGHLY recommend it!) We won't watch one tonight - it's the Sabbath - but we'll try to watch 1 every evening. Then we'll start on another series - probably Meteorology. If there's a series that SG doesn't want to watch, we'll do that during the day. Win/win (well, except the kids roll their eyes when I pop one in the PS3...ah, well. In public school they'd have to do a lot of things they didn't want to do, so they can live with my DVD fix. :lol:)

I'm on the hunt for "Understanding Great Art", "Understanding Great Music" (I think that's the name), "Basic Math", "American History" (from Native Americans to the 49'ers....I NEED that one!)...and a BUNCH of English History ones. We have an extensive DVD collection now...*I* would like to have more educational ones than mindless, if at all possible. I have my work cut out for me....

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