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I'm tired!

We hit Four Winds again today; me and 2 exicited and hopped up kids. I'm surprised I can still think, let alone think coherently!

We left the house at approx. 7:15. When Himself and I went, it took us over 2 hours to get there. Today....we were in Troup by.......8:45. Opening cannon is at 10 AM. I caved - we stopped at the local Mickey D's and let the kids stuff themselves. We still got there before cannon - but so did about 50 other people, so they fired it early. *g* We were in and browsing by 9:35.

Himself wore his kilt, and he almost has the proper swagger down. It has to be the kilt - he's too young to really "know" to swagger in it. Herself was in her bodice (check out sewingwench on Ebay; she makes lovely bodices!) and pink (screaming) skirt. Very lady-like. Me? Wylde Dogs leather bodice, teal overskirt, sand underskirt, sodhoppers and cavilier hat. We got lots of compliments.

Himself spent *hours* in the petting zoo. I'm glad they only charge once....or we'd be broker than we are. He also bought himself a snack, a plastic pan pipe, and a flag at the joust. (There went his $10....not what *I* would have spent it on, but he seems happy). Herself spent her $10 on 2 things - a wooden snake (ick) and a small dragon figurine. She owes me $1 for the flag at the joust. I bought both of them pictures of their favorite knight (the knights autographed them after the joust - that's a nice touch!) and leather mugs (Himself said his pewter mug "hurts my leg when I walk!"). Me........well. I spent. But I spent it well!

I have been looking for the "perfect" bodice. I love my leather ones, but they're not perfect - the Wylde Dogs comes close, but is cut a little too high under the arms and it's uncomfortable to sit in. (The underarms creep up the longer you sit and start digging in. We had slightly over an hour to drive home. Not fun!) My sewingwench one is a bit loose, so the girls aren't properly supported. The Greycat is nice..but she uses zip ties as boning, and it's just not enough. (Picky, aren't I?) So, I've been shopping. And looking. And shopping some more. Four Winds has 4 vendors that carry bodices, so I went in today on a mission. The first one used NO boning at all. Scratch that! The 2nd only had boning at the grommets.....and it was plastic. Next! The next was the lady I've used before - she makes nice, steel-boned corsets. I have one......and I can't get into it by myself. It has a busk in front that you use to get in and out of it....and my wrists are too wimpy to be able to fasten it. (Even on it's not that it's too little for me. *sigh*) I've even unlaced it to the point of the laces coming out of the, I skipped her.

The 4th one.....well. It's a husband/wife team based in Dallas. He does the corsetry, she does the skirts, shirts, etc. I am impressed. He only had a few bodices there, and none of them were boned. I pouted - he immediately said he could add boning - free. (I did NOT give him the usual response - my kids were *right*there*. He grinned and said he'd pretend I did.) So, we discussed size. I tried on the 12..and it was a bit Big. 12 hasn't been big on me since Himself was born 5 years ago!

The upshot is that he is building me a heavily boned (steel) bodice, in green velvet, custom fit, for.........................$75. I am highly impressed. If it fits even as well as the "stock" one did, I will be happy. The girls will be fluffed but well contained and supported.

I ummm, also bought another Shadowhawk blade. It's not my fault! He had it there last time, and tried to talk me into it, but I resisted. Resistance is's 10", but it will fit nicely in my Sodhopper. Leathersmythe is making a sheath for it that will lace into the boot........and Shadowhawk is making the hilt to match my other 2 blades (which he made to match my Rosewood dagger Steve customized for me.) That'll make 5 that I wear all the the hair dagger (once I figure out the best way to wear's a bit heavy, but nice and pointy and steel). A girl can never have too many blades though, right? Right.

The joust was good...and afterwards Himself got knighted. He was told that he was now in service to the queen, so my little charmer picked a flower from the list field and presented it to her....all by himself. She was quite charmed! (So was I!!) Herself made a curtsey, which impressed me - I only mentioned it to her once.

The daycare lady DID come out - I am surprised and happy. Himself stayed with her and her boys most of the day, and they seemed to have fun. That's good. To be a proper Renrat, you have to start young. *g*

I think it's bedtime!
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