Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's Photo time!

Slept 10 hours last night, so I'm feeling good, but...not much going on here except moving stuff from 1 room to another. Sort of. So....have some photos:

Let's start with a view of the outside of the studio, shall we? This is a planter box under one of the windows:

The tall plant is Agora, and it's very attractive to butterflies. To the point that I can't walk outside without being mobbed:

This guy landed on my arm, and didn't leave for a good 15 minutes or so. He kept "tasting" my arm, fluttering his wings, and tickling me. I finally had to shoo him off so I could finish staining the shutter-screen. (We went outside today, and he tried to land on me again. :lol:)

Here's a shot of the inside, so you can see the floor and walls:

Yes, the floor really IS that ugly orange-y color. :sigh: It's not sealant - it's the stain itself. (We decided against sealer, since it's indoors and will be covered by rugs in most spots. After seeing the actual color, I will DEFINITELY be buying rugs!) Can you say "UGLY"? Still....I can live with it, and it's not that ugly industrial concrete gray....and it actually looks *good* under the cherry-stained screen. So..there's that, anyway. :nods:

The walls aren't as dark as the photo implies - they're a soft sage-y green. The ceiling will be the same cream color as the trim....the pantry and other built-ins along the appliance wall will be dark, almost walnut-color; the loom is a soft pine-y color, so there'll be a mix of wood-tones. For rugs, the loom will be sitting on the craftsman-type rug that used to be in the living room; I just bought a runner for in front of the door that's got the same colors but is in a more "modern" pattern, and the spinning wheels will sit on another runner in the same colors, but in a block pattern. I can't find runners/small rugs to match the craftsman one, so I'm going for eclectic. :nods:

Today is moving day; the sewing machine table is set up, and so is "Kat" (my dressform. "Kat" is short for Katherine (Howard)....named for Henry VIII's wife...because she's been beheaded, of course. :snicker: Guess you have to be a Tudor-buff for that to be funny, but the kids and I think it's hysterical.) The loom won't be moved today, because we still have a few things to get in there, but I hope to have it all set up by the weekend. I want to WEAVE, darn it!

Laters - I got to move stuff!

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