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Previous Entry It's Photo time! Apr. 17th, 2012 @ 12:28 pm Next Entry
Slept 10 hours last night, so I'm feeling good, but...not much going on here except moving stuff from 1 room to another. Sort of. So....have some photos:

Let's start with a view of the outside of the studio, shall we? This is a planter box under one of the windows:

The tall plant is Agora, and it's very attractive to butterflies. To the point that I can't walk outside without being mobbed:

This guy landed on my arm, and didn't leave for a good 15 minutes or so. He kept "tasting" my arm, fluttering his wings, and tickling me. I finally had to shoo him off so I could finish staining the shutter-screen. (We went outside today, and he tried to land on me again. :lol:)

Here's a shot of the inside, so you can see the floor and walls:

Yes, the floor really IS that ugly orange-y color. :sigh: It's not sealant - it's the stain itself. (We decided against sealer, since it's indoors and will be covered by rugs in most spots. After seeing the actual color, I will DEFINITELY be buying rugs!) Can you say "UGLY"? Still....I can live with it, and it's not that ugly industrial concrete gray....and it actually looks *good* under the cherry-stained screen. So..there's that, anyway. :nods:

The walls aren't as dark as the photo implies - they're a soft sage-y green. The ceiling will be the same cream color as the trim....the pantry and other built-ins along the appliance wall will be dark, almost walnut-color; the loom is a soft pine-y color, so there'll be a mix of wood-tones. For rugs, the loom will be sitting on the craftsman-type rug that used to be in the living room; I just bought a runner for in front of the door that's got the same colors but is in a more "modern" pattern, and the spinning wheels will sit on another runner in the same colors, but in a block pattern. I can't find runners/small rugs to match the craftsman one, so I'm going for eclectic. :nods:

Today is moving day; the sewing machine table is set up, and so is "Kat" (my dressform. "Kat" is short for Katherine (Howard)....named for Henry VIII's wife...because she's been beheaded, of course. :snicker: Guess you have to be a Tudor-buff for that to be funny, but the kids and I think it's hysterical.) The loom won't be moved today, because we still have a few things to get in there, but I hope to have it all set up by the weekend. I want to WEAVE, darn it!

Laters - I got to move stuff!

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