Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

So. Sore.

Himself and I moved the loom last night. I know I said we weren't going to, but...well.....let me 'splain:

We went to Wally-world yesterday to begin the re-leavening of the house. While there, I looked at rugs..they didn't have any large enough for the loom (the Craftsman one I have just isn't big'll fit inside the loom, with a little bit hanging out the front and back. Not really the look I was going for!), but they had a nice one for the entry. I bought it, then, when we got home, I started looking at their website to see what they had in a larger size.

Want sticker shock? Go to and search for large area rugs - 11' or larger. Let's just say that I could put in a REAL floor for LESS than what they wanted for some of those rugs! :yikes!: I shelved the loom issue, and started moving other stuff into my new studio.

Once the sewing area was set up, I started fretting over space. Yes, the former garage is HUGE....but so is my loom. I've lost 3' along one wall, thanks to the appliances and pantries....1 corner is the sewing area - here, let me show you:

(Sorry for the blur - usually the phone doesn't do that, but today...ah well. :lol:)

The table under the window will be cleaned up, painted, and used for all sorts of things. Cutting fabric, setting up the knitting machine, science experiments - I keep thinking about getting rid of it, to gain more *space*, but....I can USE it. So, it stays and I move stuff in around it.

Anyway, I started getting the feeling that I wasn't going to have room...but I didn't want to move the loom in until I had the floor situation sorted. I weave barefooted, and concrete is COLD.

I guess the Lord got tired of me asking what to do, because He hit me over the head with the thought: Carpet Remnant. We have a flooring store in town, and I've never been there. Wouldn't hurt...and I needed something for the headache He hit me with (I WAS being a brat - like a 3 year old. What can I do? What can I do? I want this - what can I do? :lol:) and the store is on the way to the ice cream parlor (LOVE Bluebell milkshakes.....:mmmm: Just what the doctor ordered for headaches!) we loaded up and headed out.

Long story short - $28 later I had an 8.5' x 11' remnant. I had to even up 1 edge..but $28!!!! And it's PERFECT:

(An aside - SG and I have been having words over my pantry. He wants it to be heirloom-quality, with 15 hand-rubbed layers of finish, and pocket screws this and dovetailed that; I keep telling him it's a PANTRY, and it'll be banged up and messy in less than a month (let's be practical, I USE my pantry. It won't stay lovely for long!) and by golly let's GET IT DONE. He comes back with "But everyone's going to SEE it, and I want it to be NICE" I ask you, if YOU (being a non-weaver/fiber person) came into a house with THAT Loom in the room you entered by, would *you* notice anything else?'s a HUGE piece of technical stuff, and it grabs people's attention. Honestly, no one's going to notice the pantry - not with The Loom sitting there, surrounded by my AA wheels. :lol:)

You can see it takes up a LOT of space. To the point that I'm not sure how I'm going to fit everything else in there. I have 1 more photo - this one is of the other corner:

The pie safe and armoire will be moved to the stoop (I'm...not showing that right now, because it's where all the STUFF went. It's....messy, and full and ugly. I'll show that once we get stuff all organized.); another pantry cabinet will go next to the side-by-side, then a chest freezer (for his kegerator). There's not going to be much space between it and the wall....

The small "boxes" under the windows are temporary - they're there to mark where "real" window seats will go. The seats will have storage - 1 will hold the milking stuff and egg basket, the other...we're not sure. Right now it's holding the baby bottles, towels, and my kidding bag, and we might keep it like that. The temp. boxes will become my sewing stash keepers (I think). The wheels will go on the stoop, if there's room; if not, I'll figure something out. I'm hoping I'll have room in front of this window for a chair to spin in....we have a nice wicker rocker that would look nice there.

The sewing table will be replaced at some point - it's rickety and wobbly and I'm afraid it's not going to hold up. I'm thinking of buying 2 unfinished cabinets (preferably with drawers) and putting a 1' thick top across them....but SG is "thinking about it". Which means he wants to build something..which means waiting for him to get around to them. (See: heirloom quality above). We'll see......

I still have painting to do, but that's not a priority right now. Moving stuff in is. Unfortunately, I'm at a stopping point until the pantry gets installed, because I can't move stuff in where there's no space. :sigh: Still, progress has been made!

I'll get better pictures once the room is actually *done*. Or, rather, once I'm all moved in - it won't be "done" for a while, what with all the building SG wants to do. The armoire will be replaced, the pie safe will be refinished (it's not a valuable antique, and it needs work.)....I just want to get everything moved in so I can start WEAVING again. I've missed it...

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