Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

In which I confess

Yes I AM spoiled. And I know it - I have my very own studio space that is mostly for "fun" stuff (yes, it's survivalist stuff, too, but...mostly for fun). We have a nice house on *land*, and we're set OK for when TSHTF.

And I don't complain IRL to the husband (much), because he IS doing something he loves. He LOVES puttering around messing with wood, and tools, and stains. I *do* wish he'd move a little faster on the pantry, but only because I want the room DONE.....but it's minor squabbles, nothing earth-shaking.

I DID, however, complain loudly last night. See, a few years ago (Feb. 2010, to be exact) he decided he wanted to learn to weave. Great! I just so happened to have a placemat kit, so I set him up and showed him how to wind the warp - wait a minute. Before we go any further, you might want to go read this, a quick warping primer I wrote a few years ago. That way, I won't have to explain the process to you - because weaving uses a lot of words that aren't in the normal vocabulary. I'll wait...

Done? OK. Anyway - I told him to be VERY careful to tie the cross in 5 places. I did the first chain - and I made sure to tie the warp in a BUNCH of places, also. He? Decided that, because the loom was *right there*, and he was going to weave *right then*, he didn't NEED to take precautions. (You know where this is going, right?)

Yeah. He didn't tie the chain, except at the cross and in 1 other spot. He didn't get back to it - life, and the fact that the dining room really isn't BIG enough for my monster of a loom (I...had offered to try and trade down to a smaller loom, but he told me not to be crazy. I love my loom, but - I love WEAVING. Smaller loom would = more room to weave...but that's OK. I have a larger room for my Large Loom,'s good!), and so it sat. And sat. And had dogs running in and out of the room, and me moving stuff, and.....anyway. It got all tangled and messy (Since Feb. of 10? Yeah....2 years = lots of time for gremlins to mess up the warp!), but - hey! He didn't care. He get around to it sooner or later....

We got the loom moved, and I decided to go ahead and use THAT warp, since it was already wound and ready to go. The chain I had tied was still in almost-perfect condition; it sleyed quickly and easily. The chain he tied...was a MESS. The cross had gotten tangled - the only reason it wasn't lost was because he had tied it in the middle - and it was a PITA to sley.

I'm trying to thread heddles now.....his chain is going to be a BEAR to wind on, because I had to guess at some of the threads while sleying. There's tangles all the way down the chain...but I will persevere. I need to weave....

I was nice last night - I only grumped at him a few minutes. He told me to look on it as a "learning experience"...I laughed and said it *would* be, if it were HIM trying to get this mess on the loom. It's OK...I LOVE the whole process of weaving, even the boring bits, so this...just means I get THAT much more time at the loom. :nods:

And I'm still going to end up with nice placemats (since I was able to actually FIND the weft yarns. THAT is a major miracle - you have NO idea the mess that we have in the dining room right now. And inside the armoire.....and I am NOT showing that. It's.....nope. Not gonna do it. :lol:)

He's almost agreed to my sewing table idea....but only because he wants to build a work-bench. IF he keeps building all the stuff I need (and they are NEEDS, not wants, honest!), he won't be able to do that for....a few years, at the current rate of work-speed. :lol: He can't replace the armoire until he builds a router table, which he can't do until he finishes my pantry and the matching one for the beer/cheese/soap supplies. And then he wants to build cabinets to go on TOP of the 2 pantries, and over the appliances - we need the storage space for the "extra" appliances we use occasionally, but enough that it doesn't make sense to get rid of them (the rice cooker, the waffle iron, the deep fryer.....I want them out of the house, and neatly stored.) :sigh: LOTS of stuff.....and yes, they'll look NICE when he's done, and he's having fun.....and I am trying to be patient.

So. Off to do work-work, then I'll be at the loom all afternoon. I'd like to get it threaded today, so I can beam it tomorrow, and MAYBE start weaving this weekend. :fingers crossed:

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