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For Ali - weaving links

I did some quick searching - since I know how to weave, I could pick and choose the "best" links to hopefully explain better how to use a loom. Let me know if I need to do a post just on weaving - I don't mind! :lol:

Loom basics: The Woolery

A video: Done for her 5.5 year old grandson but the loom is already warped.

A warping video: by Ashford of New Zealand. It's on a table (smaller) loom, but the steps are the same on *every* loom. You might have to do something slightly different (for example, on a Rigid Heddle loom, the reed and heddles are 1 and the same (basically)), but the basic idea is the same. (A table loom is good when you don't have the space for a floor loom. You can get a "small" floor loom, but even a 22" one takes up a lot of space (about...3' wide by 4' long, if I remember correctly. I started out with a 22", then moved up to a 45", and now have my lovely 60" (or so). Oh, and to further confuse you - I have a countermarch loom; jack looms are most common around here. I switched because I wanted something quieter - jack looms have metal heddles (usually), and they clank and clack when you're weaving. Countermarch looms have string heddles, and are pretty quiet. Important in a house with small kids! Nap time was my weaving time for years, but Himself would come running any time he heard the loom - he was my born weaver!)

And part 2:threading - this is the most...tedious part of the whole weaving process. :lol:

There's a WHOLE bunch of videos on YouTube - these were the ones by people I "know". I'll be honest, I didn't watch any of them all the way thru - I know Ashford; my first spinning wheel came from them. Spin2Weave and I have been on a Fiber list for *years* together....she's very prolific.

Feel free to ask me anything you don't understand - weaving has a totally new vocabulary! If you lived closer, I'd be happy to send my 4-harness table loom home with you (or an inkle loom..or even the rigid heddle. I LOVE to share the weavy-love! :lol:) - not just for education, but to clear some space here. :lol: I have...well, I have a nicely stocked fiber studio. I should, after 16 years of dabbling in it.

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