Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness


Made it home - got out at 12:30, which is AMAZING when you consider the traffic this AM. I was *2* hours on the road - NOT normal!

Still in a holding pattern re: Contractors. They were supposed to come out last week and do the pool...then Mike & Jessie (#6) were supposed to come out yesterday to "discuss", Mike claims he'll call/come by Thursday. Right. SG was nice, but aggravated - he informed Mike this either gets DONE, or we want our $$ back.

AND we want refunded for the piss-poor job they did on the A/C in my studio. Our breeder friends just so happen to include an A/C guy...they came out to see the "grand-kids", and he took a look in the attic. We have a shopping list, and a quote of $250 for LABOR to fix the mess. :bangs head: Fun stuff, fun stuff....

Still no more goats. The 4 are holding out...and looking mighty uncomfortable. :lol: Hope they pop soon - I'd like to get the routine down. We're on bottle-brigade for the twins...I'd just as soon do a bunch at a time. :nods:

Gotta get back to winding my next warp!

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Tags: blather, goats, home improvement
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