Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's Hot.

Early Summer hot, to be exact - supposed to top out around 80* today. In APRIL. Weird, even for Texas!

Took the dynamic duo outside today - the the Front Yard. I guess 3 days old isn't quite old enough to enjoy it - they spent their time about 10' from me, with very little bouncing and hopping and skittering. Mostly just standing and "MAAAAAAAAA"ing, with demands for More Food! thrown in for good measure. Oh, and climbing on me if I sat down. Too cute!

Not much else going on...we finished GSWL, and started Minimus today. It's...different than GSWL; looks like it might be fun, but it's not as....."teachy", if you know what I mean. Good filler before starting Wheelock's, though.

Think I'll wind some more warp.......100 threads down, 306 to go! :lol: (I LOVE dishtowels, it's just the winding that's monotonous. Even with the reel.....I have to change colors every 4 ends; I could have wound each color separately, but then I'd'a had a bugger of a time winding on (I'd have sleyed the reed with each color separately, skipping dents where the other color went. No big deal.....but it would require either 2 sets of lease sticks, or removing them from the first color so I could use them for the second. I'd prefer sleying and winding on to go quickly, so....I wind each color in order. :sigh:) - and I prefer to wind on with lease sticks in place.'s tedious. I want to finish winding the warp before I finish the placemats - I want a new warp Ready To Go. So I can Keep Weaving.

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Tags: blather, goats, weaving

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