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Previous Entry Photo! Apr. 26th, 2012 @ 07:36 am Next Entry
Only 1, because it's hard to take photos of bouncing baby goats. :lol: Especially when you have 2 hunger-monsters that WANT that bottle, and don't care that younger hunger-monster *needs* it. (I...am playground equipment. Or they're mountain goats. Take your pick.)

Presenting: Trinity

Risky and Calvin's daughter; she's about 1 hour old here. So far, we're 3 brown kids, all from Calvin. I was hoping for spots - but that's OK. 2 girls/1 boy is good.

Trillian has frosted ears - otherwise, the 2 girls are pretty much identical. Boy has a "-" on his forehead. I won't comment on that...:lol: (He's for sale, BTW. If you know anyone local that would like a dairy buck - Zoe is currently giving us almost a 1/2 gallon PER MILKING. She freshened on Saturday, and this is her first. So.....I'd say she's milky. :lol:)

Gotta get ready for school....and get more bottles ready. The twins are on 3x/day....Trin will get a nip every 2 hours or so for the next 24, then we'll move her to 3x/day.

Now we wait on Annie, Mocha and Inara. :waiting:

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