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She shoots, she scores!

So, I wasn't planning an entry today, since nothing really exciting or out of the ordinary happened. Yesterday was normal, today was work. No biggie, nothing to report. Until the drive home.......

I carpool with my co-worker/boss. I drive to her house (32 miles), she drives us to and from work (29 miles/1 way), I drive home. Normal. Boring, most days. But not today.

We were almost at her house. The drive had been normal; I was staring out the window at the neighborhood, thinking about the various ways people decorate their houses. I had decided to look out her window, since the houses on my side of the street were "normal"....and I saw something on a trash pile outside of an empty house. I squinted, then started jumping up and down in my seat yelling: "Loom! LOOM! LOOM! Turn around turnaroundturnaround!"

I'm surprised she didn't question it; she went to the light and did a U-turn. I'm still bouncing and chanting "Loomloomloomloomloom!"

She pulls up, stops, I leap out and snag it, jump back in. She's shaking her head, muttering "Only you would see a loom on a trash pile. *I* thought it was a pile of wood or something, but no - you have to ID it!" (with a grin - she's goofy like me)

It's a LeClerc Rigid Heddle loom. Not sure of the exact width, but it looks like it's 28" or so. Complete. In excellent condition. I tightened up the tension, and the sheds are *perfect*. The weaving's trash, so it'll be cut off soon...but it's a LOOM.

Like I needed another one.....*g*

This'll be good for demos and teaching. Easy for kids to understand, not as complex as a harness's good. Whee!!!!!!!!!
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