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Previous Entry Chemistry is COOL! Apr. 26th, 2012 @ 09:12 am Next Entry
or so says my son. :lol: (Did ya see the pic of Trinity? I posted it earlier. She's a cutie!)

He's currently doing "The Elements" by Ellen McHenry. WORTH every penny I paid for it - it's a fantastic, simple without being stupid introduction to chemistry. What caused the statement?

We did an experiment to see if breakfast cereal is magnetic - it has iron added, right? Come to find out...it IS. (Fill a cup with water, and drop in a flake of cereal. It needs to have at least 40% RDA for iron, and you need a strong magnet. Hold the magnet above the flake...and it'll move with the magnet. Freaky!) We then pulled the iron OUT of the cereal (crush up some cereal, put it in a baggie with hot water, smush it around, then hold a magnet to the side of the bag. You'll see the iron moving toward the magnet, out of the cereal.)

He likes Science, and this Chemistry unit has been right up his alley. Fun, educational - you can't ask for more than that!

I declared today a "light" day - we did the core subjects, and are off to snuggle babies. We can do that - we're "ahead" of the game, and besides - we school year-round. We have room in the schedule to have fun...so, we are. :lol:

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