Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Friday Follies....

1. Contractor update: Mike called Monday, and said he'd call Thursday, and come out Saturday. Yeah. SG called him yesterday, since we hadn't heard..and he now says he'll come out "Tuesday or Wednesday" to get the pool up AND to fix the problems. He claims he's getting an A/C guy out to fix that, and he's going to fix the electrical stuff (switch up too high, and only works 1 way - should have been a 3-way switch so you could turn on/off from both doors) - SG said no, WE will take care of the electrical (he's already "started", in that we have the switch cover off the one near the house door, and a new hole cut to move it (we did NOT ask Mike and company to do this), and all the wiring and switches necessary to fix ALL the issues in my studio. Seems that they used the cheapest switches...and that's not really good.)

What Mike doesn't know is that SG is OFF ALL NEXT WEEK. :giggle: We'll see if he tries to wiggle out of things once he finds out (he has a track record of snowing me, but actually DOING for SG. :lol:)

2. Baby goats! All 3 are doing well; Trillian and "Neo" have discovered their springs. Trinity has figured out how to eat while standing. Too, too cute - but bottle brigade is already starting to get old.....and we still have 3 goats to go! Gotta get the milk bar set back up, STAT! :lol:

3. Weaving: finished winding my next warp; had to use the "new" cone, as the remnants fell off of the old cone and tangled. I'll untangle it later and use it for weft. We're going to the weaving store today (I don't want to "waste" a Saturday on it) and I'll replenish my 8/2 stash (I don't have much...but I want to WEAVE, so I need to stock up a bit. There are dishtowels in my gift-giving future! :lol:).

4. Homeschool: I made an executive decision today - it's an "in-service" day. :nods: We're all burnt-out a bit, and the break will be nice. Plus, the kids needed to clean the milk I let them do that first thing (when it's cool)...and none of us really felt the school-love today. No biggie - I've already rescheduled today's assignments alongside Monday's, and we'll be caught up in no time. Plus...we're already ahead in Latin - I have Minimus broken out, but I keep getting ahead of myself, because the breaks don't make a lot of sense. Hebrew, we're working on a new vowel...Math is easy for Herself (collating data), and Himself "gets" it, biggie.

4a. Well, we're not skipping all of school - Himself begged to be allowed to do Scratch, and Herself is working on something for Art. :lol:

You know, I look around, and - we really are Blessed. It's....awesome and overwhelming sometimes, but also great. I have 2 terrific kids, a great husband, and a wonderful home. We have everything we need (yeah, I admit I sometimes *want* more, but I don't *need* it!)..and it's great. Whoever thought I'd end up as a goat farmer? *Milking* said goats, and bottle-raising the kids? It's a fantastic life, though! (Busy, but fantastic!)

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