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Record Keeping


Previous Entry Record Keeping May. 1st, 2012 @ 04:32 pm Next Entry
Did anyone take out bets? Because.....Mike said Tuesday or Wednesday. We have heard NOTHING from him, and when SG calls his number, he gets "This voice mailbox is full. Please try again later."

So. I decided to sit down and do some googling. I found a NEW website (registered as of 4/17/12) for "A&M Remodeling", with Mike's name and number plastered on every. single. page. I found a permit from the City of Irving for him to do work on some office space, the tenant being "Pro Remodeling", owner Mike Wilson, same phone number. I found an ad in the Hunt County shopper's guide (12/4/11), with his number AND another number (which SG will call in a bit - I have the paper right here with me.) (And, I'm almost tempted to POST the phone numbers, to let y'all loose on him. Maybe he'd answer to a different number, huh? But I'm not THAT mean. Yet. :evil grin:)(And I have the landlord's number...not sure what to do about *that*, but...I have it.)

He still has tomorrow to stay true to his words....but you know what? I bet he WILL NOT show. And I bet he'll have some cockamamie story, too. :sigh:

SO. Here we are. The French Doors have shifted, and you can see daylight at the bottom again. The windows were installed wrong, and need re-doing, and it's hotter-than-HELL in there when afternoon hits. To the point that *I* am hot and have a heat-induced headache. :grumble:

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