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It's Wednesday!


Previous Entry It's Wednesday! May. 2nd, 2012 @ 11:19 am Next Entry
1. Don't ask. Of COURSE no one has shown up yet...but Mike's VM is NOT full anymore. So I left a message. From SG's phone.....I called back from the home phone, and it went directly TO VM...so he was on the phone (or listening to my message....we'll see.)

2. Luted Annie and Mocha a few minutes ago. I don't like the thought of inducing, but according to the last possible breeding date, they are both 3 days "late". Plus, this weekend is Scottish Fest....and I kinda want to be here when/if they kid (because it IS possible that neither one is bred - we didn't pull blood this year, due to lack of money. And when we HAD the money, I couldn't get any blood in the vial - all over me, the barn, the goat, the syringe, yes; but not IN the vial. :lol: and :sigh: I think I will pay the vet from now on - it's worth it, to know for sure that they are/are not bred.)

3. Need to start a formal Geography course. Neither kid knew where Omaha was....SG was appalled. I wasn't - if they've never HEARD of a place, how could they know where it was? SG has demanded they learn, and now...so when we start our new year (June), I'll add it in.

4. My pantry is installed, but still needs a door. SG didn't think it was big enough - but I have gotten most of the cans in, and have room for the other 2 baskets. I KNEW it was big enough.....:lol:

5. The kids have started discussing our Torah readings every day - this is good! We're in Lev., which isn't the "easiest" book, so I'm thrilled they are asking for clarification. I can't wait for TorahClass to finally release Leviticus - of course, we still haven't started Genesis yet...:rolls eyes:

6. They are all outside, re-setting the stones in front of the studio. All the planters are filled, and it looks lovely out there. :hugs: I just need to get the inside squared away....I'm working on it. Little by little.

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