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I got to spin last night! Wheeee!

See, it all started because the kids decided that last night was "see how long it takes mommy to crack" night. No matter what I said, yelled, or did, they came right back with something else guaranteed to drive me out of my mind. And listen? Why should they listen???

I gave up on the belly dancing last night after Zoey the wonderpup ran into me - for the 3rd time. (This was after we had had a major discussion on why we do not play 'fetch' with her *inside* the house, and why we do not, then, play 'how high can she jump to reach the toy' inside, either). Tried to get the kids in bed, but Himself needed a breathing treatment.

Deep breath..OK. Get the neb set up, plop him on the barstool, then I took myself to the couch, pulled the Ashford Travellor to me, and...bliss.

I didn't get a whole ounce done....but it reminded me why I have my wheel collection to begin with. I've already committed myself to exercising each night; now, I'm going to try to fit in a bit of spinning each night, too.

I think the 1 oz thing got me stalled - 1 oz doesn't sound like a lot until you are actually sitting there, trying to spin it up in the limited amount of time at your disposal. I now do not care how *much* I get spun, just as long as I get *something* spun.

Tonight, we will try to play in the water sprinkler. I should be able to get quite a bit spun while they are getting themselves wet. I'm also gonna try to spin in the AM while they are attempting to feed themselves without the Zoeymonster honing in and helping herself. We'll see how *that* works.....

And, it's August...that means my new AA should be here in 2 months!!!!!
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