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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

JUST got back from the vet's office....

it's OK. Really. Just got...Not OK for a bit. WARNING - it gets icky. Not gonna go graphic...but it's icky. Just so you know.

Annie went into labor about 5-ish. Auntie was all excited - she's an animal-lover from WAY back - and asked to stay to watch. No problem! We got the bubble, then the other bubble...then it stalled.

And the "other bubble" popped. NOT good - that's the sack. So, I asked SG if he wanted me to check (he HATES it when I do, because he thinks - thought - it was just so I could say I did it. No - I HATE it - it's goopy and hot and slimy...and NOT something I like doing....but sometimes....) - he said wait.

10 minutes later, with no progress, he told me to check. I iodined up....found a foot, and another foot, and a *SIDEWAYS* nose. The other foot appeared LARGER than the first one....and I thought we had twins tangled up. So, I pushed everything back in and tried to figure out what I was dealing with.

20 minutes later, I told him to find me SOMEBODY to help. I still had a sideways head (and I couldn't get IN there to turn it - Annie was pretty well blocked. I could NOT get my hand in there to try and shift things around - and I have small-ish hands. We called J., and she kept telling me I COULD get in there, she knew things were tight, yadda yadda.....nope. I couldn't.

The vet we don't like called back and told us to meet him at the office. He said he'd do a C-section...:gulp: Still - save the doe, not the kids. I ran to the house to grab my purse, and SG picked Annie up and put her in the backseat of the truck. Auntie was crying, and said she'd stay with the I jumped in the truck and we headed into town - with 1 foot hanging out of Annie.

Got there right as the vet pulled up. He had SG put Annie in the truck bed, and he gloved up to check things out. He fished out the other foot, and tried to evaluate things, but HE couldn't get his hand in there, either. He determined it was just 1 kid, whose head was stuck, so he pulled on both legs (harder than I had - I know better, now. I didn't know how hard to pull, so....didn't. I just kept pressure on while Annie pushed.) No go. He tried forceps - couldn't get THEM he grabbed the bottom jaw (the head had repositioned itself somehow - I think when SG picked Annie up he managed to move things around.) and PULLED. Annie screamed like we were slaughtering her.....but the vet was successful where I wasn't.

We have a BEAUTIFUL, single, living DOELING. PRAISE GOD!!!! - because I'd be a bit upset if it had been a buck. Pictures tomorrow - she's on my lap right now, and will stay there most of the night. She's had a rough time - her bottom jaw is purple and sore, and she won't even try to suck right now. (I managed to get a little colostrum down her, but it's going to be slow. She won't even close her mouth, she's so sore - but the vet says the jaw isn't broken or dislocated, so - that's good.)

Annie is doing OK - the vet gave her a tetnus and some antibiotics. I'll give her Bo-Se tomorrow - and I gotta run to the barn to give baby a shot of Bo-Se.

Now...we're waiting on Mocha. Please, Lord - not another big baby!

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