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we had to put Mocha down. Got out at 7; she was in hard labor with little to no progress. I checked - couldn't find the head AT ALL. It took SG 20 minutes to decide that maybe another trip to the vet was in order - not blaming him AT ALL, there's no telling how long she'd been in labor - so we loaded her up in the bed and off we went.

Baby was stuck but good - she (yes, it's a doeling) was looking *down* behind the cervix. It took a chain and a LOT of pulling to get her out. Vet said she wouldn't make it, dropped her on the concrete, and went back in to see if there were any more. (Nope).

Went back to look at baby, who was breathing, and Mocha started gushing bright red blood. Basically, sometime this AM she ruptured her uterus and her intestines made it in.

So...we did the humane thing. Vet said baby didn't have a great chance, BUT she was breathing, which he was surprised at, AND she started crying - so, she had a chance. While he pulled the shot, I milked out as much colostrum as I could, then SG started drying baby off.

She's got a dent in her head - vet said she might be brain-damaged. We asked "How can we tell?" because...well, if you have goats you'll understand. :small grin: He said give her 24 hours - IF she makes it that long, she'll be fine. She's got a cut on her throat from the chain, and she's weak - but she's breathing, and her heartbeat feels strong.

I have a baby to wear for the next 24 hours....and I have to tell J. about Mocha. :sob: Not gonna be easy.....for any of us. BUT - we have a doeling, at the moment, and I hope she makes it. Herself has dubbed her "Chell", from if she makes it, Chell she is.

Hope your day goes better than mine......I probably won't post again, since I have to do my best to get this baby to survive.

Shabbat Shalom, too.....and, guys? Prayers would be appreciated, even if it IS just a goat. It.....yeah.

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