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Quick Update


Previous Entry Quick Update May. 4th, 2012 @ 06:05 pm Next Entry
Baby girl is doing OK. Still kinda floppy, but she's managed to stand up in my arms, and she's taken about 8 oz of colostrum. We ran her back up to the vet for a shot to prevent pnemonia, just as a precaution.

J. went online to try and "prove" my using Lute is what caused this. :sigh: It's NOT - I went back to DGI last night and re-read all the posts about it to ease my mind. Lute is the same hormone the body releases when labor starts - all I did by giving 2cc's was give them a loading dose. (And I trust DGI - the folks there have been doing this for YEARS, and have vet recommendations to back them up. So...it's not some fly-by-night internet group, like most are.)

She also tried to convince me that maybe both kids were premature, and *that's* why we had problems. No, again - first off, the vet would have said if either was preemie, and...they wouldn't have been so BIG. Annie's girl is the SAME size (but not weight) as the 2 week olds. If she'd been early.....she'd be smaller. Mocha's girl is about the same size as Annie's - and both have *wide* foreheads (which is what got stuck.) And J. finally remembered that Annie and Mocha were small for Nubians......which was probably a contributing factor (Annie is the size of a young yearling, and she's...4? 5? This was both of their 2nd Freshening.)

I'm not upset with her - she's trying to figure this out just like I am. I think I need to copper my girls - lack of copper can cause labor problems - and next year be sure to Bo-Se everybody the month before breeding. I didn't do that last year......but I will for sure from now on.

Chell will be with us tomorrow at the Games, instead of my spinning wheel. I can't handle both - and if I bring the wheel I "have" to dress...and I don't want to mess up my garb with baby poo. (It's a fact of life with babies, right? You WILL get poo'd/pee'd/spit up on.) Since the Games have moved a month sooner, I figure it'll be pretty dead (because I haven't seen any advertising for it this year. Usually, it's all OVER the place.) - good for me, not so much for the Games. Oh, well.....

Shabbat Shalom!

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