Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Good Morning!

Just wanted to update all y'all lovely, lovely people - Chell is doing FANTASTIC. Still wobbly, but she feels *solid*, and she's much more active. Here - have a picture:

Yes, it is slightly "posed" - Herself dropped her smallest Companion Cube down next to her, for "atmosphere" (it's a Portal 2 is Chell's name. *I* don't get it, but both kids do, and....I honestly don't CARE about the name, I'm just thrilled it looks like she's gonna make it.)

I went in at 3:30 AM for bottle-time, and the little stinker had figured out how to stand up in her basket, AND she had tossed off the towel I had over her.....I feel pretty good about her chances, now. I do have a slight feeling that she's......slow? But nothing I can point at and say - "See! Brain Damage!" It's just a feeling - but she can stand, walk, eat, poo and pee, so.....I'm calling it good.

And, because we had another baby born this week - have a photo of Annie's daughter:

Sorry it 's not better - it's hard to get a decent photo in the barn, because the "piranha gang" mobs you. I have a BUNCH of photos on my camera - we took everybody outside Friday afternoon for playtime - but I haven't gotten them over to the 'puter yet. We have a LOVELY crop of kids this year.....and it's mostly girls!!!!!

Today during playtime we're going to let Chell outside, to "introduce" her to the gang. I don't think she's ready for integration yet - she's still not solid on her legs - but I want to transition her out to the barn this week. The dogs mob her, and she doesn't flinch - but dogs don't head-butt you into the side of the barn. I know I shouldn't coddle her, but I don't want to risk more brain-damage, either.

Again, thanks guys - your prayers helped!

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