Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Random Ramblings...

1. Chell is currently in the barn with her cousins. Last night she discovered the springs in her legs - she can't *hop* for real, yet, but she can bounce a bit. She also figured out how to stand up in her basket (she was sleeping in an old rattan laundry basket), and was trying to climb out of it this AM. (After going ALL NIGHT without a bottle!!!) So, after morning stables we let the piranha gang out front to play, and brought her out, too. She and Annie's daughter seem to get along, so...she has a friend.

2. Lazy day. Overcast and damp - I LOVE days like this, but I don't seem to get much done. I'd rather curl up and read. Or watch the clouds. Dusty and Finn are out - SG is replacing part of their fence with the wood-posts-and-cattle-panels - and they keep meandering by the kitchen, trying to see what we're up to.

3. School ran "over" today - we had to pick up both Friday AND Monday's work. Well...sorta. Since we go year-round, I'm not uber-concerned about doing stuff ON the day I plan it; we did catch up on our Torah portion, and we did the Math Revision Exercise, as well as the normal Monday and Tuesday stuff. I've decided to switch over to a light summer-schedule......and they'll get the month of June off (2 weeks at Granny's....not really worth trying to keep the early part of June.)

4. Studio - still NO CONTRACTORS. SG called Mike yesterday, and it went from "Tuesday or Wednesday for SURE!" to "Saturday, I PROMISE!!!". :crickets: Yeah. I'll be looking up attorneys this afternoon, I think.

4a. This afternoon I think I'll start organizing the studio. It's pretty messy, since I have all the garage-stuff still piled up, and my loom, and all the fiber. I want to get it more organized, so that I can *see* what I have, and can actually invite people in. Wish me luck!

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