Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's a BEAUTIFUL day...

already hot, but we can't have *everything*!

Chell has settled in - we brought her up last night, to sleep in the house, but she has discovered her vocal cords. I took her right back down to the barn - I need my sleep! :lol:

The studio has been rearranged, and looks MUCH better. No pictures until I get all the.....stuff that isn't mine out of there (SG has a LOT of tools in there from "finishing" the pantry. It's..not. Needs a door. But it's IN THERE, and I am using it, so - it's good. I moved the pie safe and armoire to where they belong, then put a shelving unit back in there to hold all of SG's beer- and cheese-making stuffs. Herself and I cleaned out the armoire (and I got rid of a TON of yarn that I will NEVER use, and she won't either. It was "gift" yarn, sucked. I don't like acrylic - and this stuff wasn't even suitable for woven scarves - so it's no loss.); I found a lot of 10/2 and 8/2 cotton that I didn't know I had (gift yarn, again. When Woolenworks closed back in 1998, I brought a friend to the clearance, and she bought WAY too much stuff. Her husband told her to git rid of I ended up with it. Most of it was crap, but there were some gems in there.) There's still a ways to go - I need to get my artwork hung on the walls (I have a sheep wall quilt, and 2 art prints, plus my clock) and I need to finish clearing off the ledge so my wheels have a place to live - but it's close, and it's nice, and it's MINE. :lol:

Still in a holding pattern re: Contractors. :sigh:

Got work-work to do, so I'll head off. Maybe more later...maybe not. Depends on if I can get Herself's wool in the washer or not. Need to get that done - sooner the better. She's on me to get it SPUN so she can DYE it, and she's going to EXPLODE if we don't get it done SOOOOOOOOOOOON. :sigh:

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Tags: country life, home improvement

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