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It's Field Trip time!

Today, as we were getting set up for school, I decided that we needed to GO somewhere. Anywhere. Anywhere NOT home. :lol: We have family memberships to both the Dallas Museum of Art and the Dallas Arboretum, so I made a snap decision that I wanted to go see plants.

I forgot 2 things: Public Schools are winding down, and looking for things to fill the time (ie, field trips!) and....the Arboretum is hosting a Chihuly exhibit now thru Nov. 5. :oi:

We are NOT the type of people the Chihuly exhibit is aimed at - we are too imaginative. Where most people were ooooohing and aaaaahing over the glass, the kids and I were....well, making comments.

Let me say first up, that I appreciate all the work and talent that goes into hand-blowing glass - I really do! I can appreciate these pieces as "Art" - they definitely *ARE* art - but I don't "get" them. Neither do my kids, but that's OK - we had a BLAST discussing the current alien invasion....(Oh, these are in no particular order, nor are they ALL of the pieces - just the ones we found the "best")

This was one of the first water pieces. Looks like the aliens are spawning - don't get too close, they'll grab you with their tentacles and EAT you! :lol:

This one is actually my favorite - and the only one I actually liked for what it was. Looks like lovely water plants - not deadly at all. The "plant" on the other side of the pool, however, was toxic and *hungry* :lol: (no photo of it here, sorry!)

This water exhibit had 2 pieces, both boats. This one is "Float".....

and this one is "Carnivale". Should have named it "Carnivorous" - it looks like the aliens spawned in the water, and scrambled into the boat to avoid death. It ate the boatman and passengers...or, it could be that Carmen Miranda was on a boat and her hat exploded. Take your pick. :lol: (I like the illusion of the "endless pool" there - the Arboretum backs into White Rock Lake. VERY nice views!)

This, we all agreed, was the spawn point of the aliens. If you got too close with the intention of stopping the invasion, the starburst would fall on your, crushing the potential rebellion. :lol: (All 3 of us actually like this one, too - it's cool! And big - that woman was at least 5'6". In fact, ALL of these are pretty big - there's one that looks like an electrified cat tail, and it's a least 10' tall. And screaming neon yellow.)

This is the "focal point" of the exhibit - it's the piece that all the news stations have been singling out. It's the Sun....and I can see that, but it looks like what happens when a yarn shop cat horks up a hairball. :lol:

The skill involved in these is amazing - AND, they light up at night (so you can be chased by glow-in-the-dark aliens and have nightmares, I guess.) It IS a cool exhibit.....but it's funnier with 2 snarky geek kids in tow. :lol: We didn't get to stay very long - it started raining, and all the PS kids were running around, out of control, and we decided it wasn't worth staying. We'll be going back, though - SG wants to see it, and I want to see what we missed this time.

The pictures don't really merit the snark - you need to see them in person to see how alien-like they are. Most of the "arms" end in bulbs that look like eyes; some of them look like they have weird faces in them. (There's one that looks like clown-spore, AND there's a really bizarre face in it, with a carrot-y looking nose. Weird, and guaranteed to give clown-fearing children nightmares. :shudder:) All the swirly arms and bulbous ends are just....weird. Cool, though!

We had fun, and that was the point. Next time I won't forget my camera in the Jeep (these are all from my cell phone...not too bad, but I didn't get the detail I wanted.) We also had some really deep discussions on what constitutes "Art", and what doesn't. (Basically, we decided that "Art" makes you look at something from a different angle. Like - the Sun. You don't have to LIKE it for it to be "Art".)

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