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Previous Entry Contractor! May. 13th, 2012 @ 05:51 pm Next Entry
SG called Mike from the home phone...didn't leave a message. Mike didn't recognize the number :heh:, and called us back. He tried to pretend that he KNEW, but it was patently obvious he had NO CLUE who he was calling. :snicker:

Anyway. SG demanded the pool $$$ back. He said we were *done*, and Mike would be paying for the A/C repair AND the door repair, as well. Mike hemmed, and hawed, and said his A/C guy was on board and ready to come out. So...SG is a LOT nicer than I am. Mike is to call him tomorrow, and get someone out THIS WEEK to fix the A/C and door. The pool is non-negotiable; at this point I - WE - don't trust him.

SG is going to call attorneys tomorrow anyway...because Mike's track record isn't very good. Better to be prepared, KWIM?

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