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What's on the Loom?

Because nothing much is going on, I figured I'd give you photos.

First up, my current warp. Dishtowels, green and white 8/2 unmercerized cotton, in a 4S color-and-weave pattern:

I ran out of the green weft I was using, so on this towel (#2), I substituted some green cotton slub yarn I had. The color isn't exact,'s close enough, I think. I have ordered replacement - but I'm not sure I was able to get a matching color. I order a lot of mill ends, and sometimes you can't get them again later. :sigh: and :lol:

I thought it was time to do a "studio tour" - but please, be nice. I'm NOWHERE near done setting it up, and we still have a big problem area - it's just too damn hot in there to do much work each day. I'm only on towel #2 because I do my best to ignore the heat - but I can only weave in 15-minute bursts. Hard to make significant progress when you're pouring sweat. :sigh: I try to do something every morning...but after 11 the temp's already too hot to do a lot of work.

Anyway. Here's the view as you come in thru the door:

Big loom. :grin: And too much scoured wool to fit in the containment unit. I am working on that...slowly.

To your right, standing in the door, is the sewing area:

I want to replace the wobbly table with something more sturdy, with drawers. I also want to get a serger...but that's down the road. This works, right now, and that's what matters.

To your left, again from the door, is my spinning nook:

The next project is to get the pantry cabinet built for here, and get a chest freezer for SG's kegerator. Those will replace the plastic shelves (and THIS is the problem area...most of the stuff on the floor belongs in SG's shop, and will be moved there soon. The blue tub is full of raw cotton...not sure what I'm going to do with THAT, since the clear tub on top of the armoire is ALSO raw cotton - how much cotton does 1 spinner need, anyway?) - if I've calculated correctly, there's going to be room for a 2' bookcase in the corner.

The bag in the chair is part of the Border-Leicester fleece J. gave us - the rest of it's been scoured. It's Herself's - she wants to crochet a jacket from it.

Up on the ledge is the pie safe (spinning fiber) and armoire (current yarn containment unit). Next to the pie safe is my unfinished reed rack:

We have the dowels, just need to cut them. :sigh: The empty glass bottles came from SG's dad.....I have NO idea what we're supposed to do with them. They are due to be hauled OUT this weekend...because I don't need them/can't think of a use for them.

The spinning wheels will go next to the reed rack - the runner on the floor in front of the ledge will go up here, and the wheels will live on it. The Norwegian wheel will sit in front of my spinning chair, mostly, since that's my favorite, but I'll be able to swap them out as needed (I'll be using the Production Wheel for Herself's yarn - it's MUCH more efficient and will make things go quicker. So I can spin something for me. :lol:) The banjo charka (used for cotton) will go on the wall...somewhere, as art work. It has a long spikey-bit that you spin off of, and isn't safe where people can stab themselves. I just...I can't move them in until the room is DONE, because I don't want to risk damaging them (or tempting thieves. None of my wheels are antiques...but they look it, and stupid people that steal things won't know the difference. :sigh: I DO have a nice insurance rider on all my fiber stuff, for just in case, but I'd rather not have to use it, kwim?)

In the other corner is the screen hiding the water softener, water heater, and water filter:

I like it, but SG wants to go back and paint the shutter part to match the ceiling (soft cream). Whatever...:lol:

And in between the screen and the sewing area is our work table:

The scoured fleece is in the basket on the table - it cleans up really, really nicely. The water bottle and alcohol were used in yesterday's Chemistry experiments - the table is PERFECT for those, because the top has the bar-top epoxy on it, and really can't be harmed. I don't CARE about this table, unlike my dining table....this is going to be a big help this year as we get more into Science experiments.

Under the table is the Chemistry set, my yarn blocker, and my 2 inkle looms. We're talking about putting some sort of shelf here, so I can store more things. We'll to the table is my skein winder, my swift, my warping reel, my warping board, and the PVC tapestry loom. I...think I have enough looms now. Maybe. I still need to find a spot for my drum has it's own stand, which helps...but I gotta find a space for it; not too close to the screen because of the water softener (uses salt. Salt =/= good for metal...and the teeth are metal. Fun stuff...)

You can see that, while it's a large room, it's already pretty full....and this isn't everything yet. I still have a table loom (2, actually :blush:) to move in and find a place for, plus all my books (the bookcase NEEDS to be done before I can move them), and the fabric stash needs....something. I think I need to get some more of the collapsible boxes for it (I have 2 under the window in the sewing area) - they're nice looking, cheap, and easy to move. I also need to get artwork up on the walls - if you look at the top of the armoire, you'll see a plastic bag with a bunch of yarn in it; that's my next warp. It's a color gamp, and there's enough warp there for 3 of them. 2 will go in here (1 plain weave, 1 twill); the 3rd Herself wants to weave off. I have a twill gamp dishtowel that will be framed and go on the wall next to my pantry (near the house door)......but I'm not sure what else I need. We'll see....

It's a work in progress, after all. And too hot to do much in right now.....but it's getting there. Slowly.

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