Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Just got home...

from this week's fieldtrip! Would have been home MUCH sooner, but people drive like idiots. :sigh: Wreck leaving home, wreck on the way, wrecked train AND shut down freeway on the way home. :big sigh:

But! It was FUN. Pictures or it didn't happen:

Yup - Texas Rangers Baseball! Today was also TXA 21's Weather Day...which is why we left the house at 7:30. Too bad 5,000 public school students showed up, too - we couldn't hear ANYTHING the meteorologists were saying. :sigh: (Public school is just marking time until 6/1, when they end for the year. They should just end it NOW....they're not learning anything anyway - NO one would shut up!)

I need to look up the experiments they did - we could see them, but we couldn't hear exactly what they were doing......the one with the match we've done before, but the one with the dish soap we haven't - and it looked like a soap volcano. Pretty cool! We left to get lunch at the Captain Morgan Club (in the Ballpark) after the match one - it just wasn't worth sitting there if we couldn't hear anything. (And the teachers weren't even trying. I realize this was just a way to get another day marked off, but if you're calling it "educational", shouldn't the kids, I dunno, LEARN something? Nobody could, except maybe the first row. :rolls eyes:

Rangers lost in the 10th......after having the bases loaded and Josh come in (he came in in the 8th; the bases were loaded bottom of the 9th. We SHOULD have won this one.....ah, well.). :sigh: I have no voice left (what? I had to yell for my man Napoli! And Josh! And Ian Kinsler! And and and...:lol:

It was a good day. The baby goats HATE us right now - they missed lunch, and dinner was late! Oh noes! (They had water, hay, and pellets. They weren't going to starve.....but they thought they were. Silly babies!)

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