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Various and Sundry Stuffs....

1. Homeschool Buyer's Co-Op is offering a HECK of a deal on Learning Style Assessments - they're normally $35 each; thru the Co-Op you can get them for *$3*. Here's the link to HSBC:

Go to for more information.

Now. You're not buying it thru the Co-Op; they just give you a code. Email me for details......because I think the code is the same no matter who buys it; I snagged it this AM and both kids are slated to do the "test" (Himself is doing it right now.) The code is only good to June 7, so...if you want to do this, don't wait too long.

Why? Because.....neither one of my kids fits the "standard" mold. I have a VERY strong suspicion that Herself is 2E (Twice Exceptional) - I think she's just as gifted as Himself, but the Asperger's gets in the way. By having her do this assessment, I can get the right type of curriculum - or tweak what I already have - for her to excel. (Math. Math is her weak point - she'll have DAYS of "dumb", then all of a sudden *bam*, the light comes on and she nails it. I would like to have an idea of stuff to do that'll help that *bam* moment happen sooner - less frustration all around!) (And for Himself, I want to know what to do to keep him engaged. He's BORED right now; granted, we're on the "lighter schedule"...but I want to know what to do to keep him interested.)

2. Goat Management: All goats get a parasite called cocci. Normal, traditional treatment is 5 days of Corid at 21 days old, wait 21 days, and do it again. Gals on DGI have been testing a "new" protocol - 1 dose. That's it. 1 dose at 21 days, and NOTHING ever again. The medication is called Baycol....and I ordered a bottle. Yes, it's expensive ($50/bottle)...but *1* dose! One lady has been fecaling every week since she dosed her kid crop - and keeps coming up CLEAN. NO cocci at all.

It's not available in the US yet, but you can get it here. I'm planning on dosing the kid crop with it when it comes in - it's well worth the $$ if I only have to grab kids 1x. (Easy when they're on bottles - you put the dose in with the milk. When they're's not so easy.)

3. SG wants to go all digital - ie, no more DVDs. However, it's kind of hard to do that when you can get 4 seasons of a particular show for $34; it's $30 PER SEASON on iTunes. :sigh: I just...I can't pay that much more for something just to save space, kwim? (Big Bang Theory, for those interested. Ebay has the best prices.....)

Doc appointment at 2....more later.

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