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Weekend fun...

SG had to go into the office yesterday, so we tagged long. It only took 30 minutes, so we had a bit of time to kill. (we didn't want to drive an hour for 30 minutes of sitting). We ended up at the Mall.....where we walked and window shopped for a few hours. It was fun - we got some interesting tea, visited the Lego store, and ended up at Build-a-Bear. No, I didn't get a new critter....just a set of Jedi robes for my sheep. :lol: and a light saber.

Today SG's aunt is coming over. We're going to do some exploring with her, and SG will grill steaks for dinner. I'm going to go get some weaving in before it heats up (that should be rectified next Saturday; our A/C repair friend is coming over. We'll keep the receipt and .....well, we're working on getting THAT situation taken care of.)

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