Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I LOVE living in a small town....

because the Constables here go above and beyond!

We went to the JP's office to see what needed to be done to file in small claims court. The problem? We didn't have a physical address, just a PO Box. SG had already talked to the Constable, who said it wasn't a problem, just file and give the paperwork to him, and he'd "go down and sit at *other county's* Post Office until he showed up to get his mail."

The JP's office said no - the Constable wouldn't SEE the paperwork, since the address we had was in *other* county.

Well, the Constable wasn't happy about that. He told us to write him a letter giving the broad outline of the problem. So....I did. I wasn't in-depth, but I listed dates, $$ amounts, promises, and problems. I dropped it off at the Constable's office - he wasn't in, but his Deputy was. Deputy tried to do some digging, but wasn't successful; he said Constable would handle it.

3 days later, the Constable called me. (He's a charming gentleman. Old-school gentleman, if that tells you anything.) He said "Your letter, it made me MAD. People shouldn't do that to folk. I've called and left him a message, but I'm not going to wait - I'm going to go to *other county's* Post Office tomorrow, and I'm going to talk to them. They won't give me info over the phone, you know, 'cause I could be nobody, but I'll go in and they will. I'll do what I can - you pay taxes?" "Ummm...yes sir!?" "Well, thank you - YOU write me a paycheck ever' 2 weeks, and I owe you. I'll do my best - one way or another we'll get this guy." And so forth. For 15 minutes or so. :lol:

Anyway, we let it sit. I was supposed to go to the JP's first thing today and file (SG got paid - they require cash or cashier's check), but had a feeling I didn't need to go. So...I didn't. I'm glad - about 9:45 the Constable called me - WITH a physical address. He told me Mike was told to CALL US TODAY or TOMORROW - and said that if he didn't, I was to go Monday and file, and he'd take care of serving him. AND...if he didn't pay us, we could get a judgement against him (and he told me how, and where, and...lots of other stuff. :lol:)

I thanked him profusely, and ran him up a dozen fresh eggs. I told him it was the LEAST we could do (even though we don't have any $$$ yet.) - we now have an address to get the papers served to him.

SG and I had already talked last week - all we want (really) is the pool money back. SG called an installer yesterday and set them up - we had to use the Am Ex for that (and are now back deep in debt. :sigh:) The $$$ from Mike will at least pay THAT off (we also had to buy sand....but that's only $250, and we'll have a lot left over for other projects. We needed 6 yards; it was cheaper to buy 10.)...we won't have a deck for a while, but at least Herself will be able to have her pool party.

BUT. If we have to file the suit...we want it ALL. The pool $$, the A/C $$, the door repair, and the window repair $$. SG wants to add in pain and suffering...not sure that'll go over, but yeah - it's worth a shot.

So. That's what we've been working on - I didn't want to say anything until AFTER we had something, just in case.

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