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Blah de blah de blah....


Previous Entry Blah de blah de blah.... Jun. 3rd, 2012 @ 08:51 am Next Entry
Just a lot of random stuffs......

1. Anna, go to Ana White and search the plans. You might be able to modify one of them for your storage cube idea. I was going to use the Cubby Bookshelves, but modified; I'm now going to just build a normal bookshelf that will hold the file boxes we have (they.....are larger than I wanted, but Wal*Mart didn't have the letter-sized ones, just legal. I can make it work, so it's good, just can't use the plans I had wanted. :shrug:)

2. I HATE purchased lesson plans - they all seem to suck. :sigh: I found a set for the Geography book we have, and I gleefully spent $3 on them. :sigh: Got them yesterday.....they aren't what I expected.

See, I was looking for something that included a reading schedule....this? Doesn't have one. At *all*. I can (and did!) make one up...but I was trying to save some time. :sigh: Ah, well - I broke the book down into daily chunks, and am ready to plop that into my PlanBook....but I wanted to be able to just *use* something someone else had prepared. :sigh: At least the purchased plans tie-in the online stuff, so..I guess that's good.

3. A/C - is currently being worked on. :huzzah!:

4. No phone call from Mike. Didn't expect one - so now we get to file tomorrow. :sigh: I'm too optimistic - I had HOPED he'd call us and do the right thing......:sigh: Ah, well.

5. Wrist - still numb. SG has an appointment with the ortho tomorrow, so he's going to mention that to him. :grumble:

6. Shout-out for "new" weaving yarn supplier: Georgia Yarn Company. Cheaper than Webs, fast shipping, great customer service. Yarn is drop-shipped direct from the manufacturer, and shipped *fast*. (I ordered on Sunday, the yarn was delivered Friday. There was a holiday in there...so the order wasn't actually placed until Tuesday. FAST!) I'll be ordering from them again - I need some 20/2 cotton for a tablecloth. And more 8/2 and 10/2 for dish towels.

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spin a yarn
Date:June 3rd, 2012 02:32 pm (UTC)

aNNa says

Yeah, I've looked at Ana White. But I guess I'm holding out for finding just what I want at a yard sale, someday. We still haven't finished the bench project - I can't do another just now!

However, yesterday the hot tub went back together and was filled/heated. Friday we got the computers back and finished setting up the computer lab for the kids. Thursday we moved the old desk out (and downstairs, oi), and the table up, re-arranging everything. Wednesday I got the new PC in order at my bro's, Tuesday was house-in-order-after-vacation, and Friday thru this past Monday (ten days!) were vacation. So we *have* been busy, y'know. ;) But another wood project? I'm thinking not now.

I didn't figure Mike'd show up. I hope he gets hit hard with this, though. It sounds like he needs to learn a lesson.
(spin a yarn)
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