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1. Work sucks. I work PART-TIME. This means I work 14 hours per week (because the office is open 7 hours, 4 days a week.) Roughly 3.5 hours/day, for me. I put in 7 hours on Monday.....4 hours yesterday and 4 today....and it's NOT ENOUGH. The contract person wants me to do more....but I ain't getting paid, so I ain't doing it. :stamps foot: (And we won't mention FA, OK? Because he's on my "People I'd like to Smite" list right now.

2. Studio: I bought a cheap bookshelf yesterday and got all my books and magazines in the studio where they belong. It'll be replaced at some point, because it IS cheap (and was already damaged when I opened the box....but it was CHEAP, and I NEEDED a bookshelf.) I have books I didn't remember, AND I had more Spin-Offs than I remembered, too (EVERY issue from 1986-forward; 3 from 1985, 1 from '84, and a couple even older. Almost, but not quite, a complete collection. Guess I need to look into that.....)(I tend to collect books. And magazines - but only if they're informative. Spin-Off is. Handwoven was, before Madeline took over in 2001 (I don't like her style)....and I have a small collection of those. Need to look into them, as well.)

3. Wrist: sucks. I dropped a full baby-bottle of milk this afternoon.....because my left hand simply can't grasp stuff. :sigh: Had to mop the floor and scrub the counter over that. :sigh:

4. Spiritual stuff: I keep seeing posts from others that make me go "Huh. Need to address this!", but I'm not at a point I can, yet. I keep coming back to John's vision of the multitude...and I'm not getting "Rapture" (Not that the Rapture can't happen - I HOPE it does, frankly. I'm just...not sure about it. It's ME......but I watch, and wait. And hope......) I'm just.....I keep coming back to the fact that the Gospel was for the whole world, not just the Jews, and that's where my mind goes when I think about the multitude. BUT....I got nuthin' else concrete yet.

And a post yesterday about choosing.....something wasn't right about it, but I need to think some more. Because......God wants everybody to accept Him.....but WE have the right to choose. Or to reject. God doesn't move, we do. But..there's more, and I need to get my vague thoughts in some semblance of order. :sigh:

5. It's Summer, already. HOT. BUT! Tomorrow the installers are coming to put the pool up!!!! AND it's supposed to rain this weekend - free water!!!!!!! Yes, I'm excited - I'll be able to cool off!

6. School: I've hammered out all the reading plans, finally. I have most of the first 2 weeks on the Lesson Plans......need to do a little bit more, but I'm feeling comfortable with the schedule, and with starting when the kids get back. I'm aiming to have everything but Math on the schedule thru RH - but we'll see. :lol: Poetry is thru Sukkot (because I decided to just go ahead and plan the rest of the book....); but that's the only book I've "finished". PlanBook will let me "bump" days, so if I decide to plan a field trip or 2 or 3, it's not a big deal - everything will just flow to the next planned day. Writing is my sticking point.....I need to re-read "The Writer's Jungle", and incorporate it. Later. :lol:

7. We watched the Venus transit last night. I was able to get the iPad to talk to the Apple TV, so we watched it on the big screen - it was cool. Especially when the sunspot went off at the bottom of the screen.......I liked the commentary from the scientists, too. Didn't stay up to watch the whole thing, but that's OK. (I had my iPad on the Hawaii feed, and the MacBook on the Alaska feed. It was cool to have 2 takes on it. Geeky? Maybe......:lol:)

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