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It's Raining....

so No Pool today, but that's OK. We NEED the rain more than I need a pool. Last night had huge thunder-boomers rolling thru; today it's been off and on light showers. The kind of day that makes you want to curl up with a good book.

Wrist is horrible. Inara refused to go into the milk room - there's a leak at the door, and it was going! to! EAT! her! :sigh: I ended up having to CARRY her into the milk room and onto the stand....not easy with a goat that weighs a good 140 pounds. Wrist got twisted.......if she weren't such a lovely girl, a good milker, and blessed with good bloodlines, she'd be in the freezer right now. :sigh:

Anna, I'm still thinking things thru. Yes, the Gospel is for EVERYBODY - no doubt. Early Jews (OT) were of the mind that Torah was "Jews only - Goyim need not apply" were some of the disciples at first ("The foreigner with you"....they could celebrate, but they had to observe Torah. Not exactly something most Goyim wanted to do.....and also remember that for a Jew to mix with non-Jew was a crime, even in Paul's day. Again, not saying I'm thinking correctly..but this is why my mind went there.). I'm just.....the Rapture is a *church* teaching, and I have problems with that. It wasn't even a consideration before.....the mid-1800's, if my research is correct. Either it's the ONLY thing the church has right, or something's "off" about it...and I can't figure out which one of those 2 it is. No, I can't reconcile this thinking with John's vision...which is why I'm still thinking it out. And why you get to "listen" to my thinking, to help me clarify what I think. If that makes sense.

I read a blog post yesterday (not naming names. :wink:) that got me thinking. Basically, the blogger said that God gives you a choice - Him or Not - but He already knows the answer. Yes, but - He gives us a choice. He knows how EACH choice will turn out, but WE have the right to choose between them. Sort of like those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books that were popular when I was younger - you read the first chapter, then had a choice to make. Choice A moved you to page 49; choice "B" moved you to page 73. The author KNEW what would happen with each choice, but YOU, the Reader, got to MAKE that choice, and how the book ended depended on what choices you made (some of the books ended in the same place regardless - I preferred the ones that had multiple endings. They were MUCH more fun to read! :lol:)

God puts a choice in front of you, but you have the free will to choose. If Yes, then THIS will happen; if No, this will. I believe that He gives you multiple chances to choose Him - He is merciful, after all - but it's up to YOU. He knows what each answer will lead to...but there are multiple branches leading from each choice. It's NOT predestination, because that implies only *1* path you can take; I think there are many.....and He knows how EACH ONE will turn out, but YOU have to pick. If that makes sense.

I mean....God put a choice in front of me - Yes to husband #2, or No. I chose Yes (WRONG choice), and went down the path to abuse and pain. He put another choice in front of me - Divorce, or not. (I am against divorce in the main, but sometimes it's the ONLY choice). I said "Yes, PLEASE!", and finally got back into His will. Because of the wrong choice, I deepened my faith...which may - or may not! - have happened if I'd said No in the beginning. But I'll never know, because I didn't choose that to begin with. (Also, if I'd decided to stay in, maybe He'd have healed the husband, or maybe I'd've ended up dead. Or he would have, and I'd'a been on trial for self-defense. No telling now.....and I'm only half joking.)

My point is, we have free will, and we ALL have to make the choice, either FOR God, or Against. *I* think we get multiple shots at it, because He said He was sent to find the lost can't be lost if you never had a chance to choose, right?

I'm not sure I"m even making sense, and spell-check has given up on me. Stupid wrist.....I need to go rummage up something for pain (that I can take without reacting to....wish me luck. I broke out in hives the last time I took an ibuprofen for a headache, so things aren't looking so good here. Maybe I should hit the booze cabinet.....j/k. I think. The pain's not THAT bad yet.)

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