Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Friday round-up

Pool install has been rescheduled for tomorrow. I had to go out and dig 2 holes (who am I kidding? The TRACTOR dug 2 holes! :love my Kubota:) to see if they'd fill up with water...I could have told them no, because our soil just doesn't work like that, but hey - I got to play with the tractor!

Baby goats are PO'd at me right now - today I dropped the lunch-time bottle. This AM I filled up the "big" feeder with pellets, topped off the water, and filled the hay rack, so they're not starving, no matter what they say.

I got to SPIN today!!!!! Well, ply - but it's close enough. I owe Alden an apology - ever since I got the Production Wheel, I've looked at it, but have been too afraid of it to sit down and spin. (Don't laugh - it's HUGE. My other 2 wheels are nice, normal wheels - this one has a 30" drive wheel, and it's's like a Ferrari vs. a Cadillac. (I wanted to say Volkswagon, but I just can't compare an AA wheel to such a..pedestrian car. :lol:) I tried it out the day I got it....and it ATE the wool out of my hand, burped, and looked for more. I haven't been brave enough to try again) It's SWEET. I plied up 2 full Norwegian bobbins in about 10 minutes (minus the few times I had to unwind the loose stuff on the bobbin and rewind it on.....have I mentioned this wheel is FAST?) I'm eyeballing the ready-to-spin stash to see what I can practice on.......

I bought this wheel with spinning-for-sale in mind. Yes, my other 2 wheels will work for that....but. A production wheel was designed to do 1 thing - spin garment-weight yarn in the most efficient manner possible. My other 2 will do the job, but they aren't designed for speed-spinning. This wheel IS. I had the thought that if I had a "work" wheel, it wouldn't take away the pleasure I get from just sitting down and *spinning* - I would "work" so many hours per day, then I could sit with my "fun" wheel(s) and noodle around. (This wheel won't allow "noodling" - it's all business.) I'm still not friends with it - but now that I'm over my fear of it, that will come.

Children are doing fine at Granny's. Himself called me to see if he could delete stuff off of the ancient laptop (the ONLY Windoze unit we still have - he uses it for coding Portal test chambers). I said sure - after all, *I* haven't used the machine in 2+ years; I really doubt there's anything on there I still need. (Is it wrong of me to say that I keep hoping it'll just die a natural death, so we'll truly be an Apple-only family? Because.....yeah.)

Gotta go vacuum - Shabbat Shalom!!

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