Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Tuesday....seems like Monday

Remember how I said yesterday that "nothing else could go wrong" with the pool? :lol: Um. Yeah..about that.....

The old hoses (that are only 6 - 8 months old!) have pin-hole leaks. So....we have a beautiful, shiny, new Hayward pump (with no switch...a switch cost $60. We're going to get an outdoor timer instead), but still can't run the pump until we get more hoses. :sigh: and :lol:, because, c'mon, this is getting hysterically funny! (Especially when you remember that we have a PARTY on Sunday, and the POOL is *vital* to Herself's enjoyment of her party. Oi!)

SG saw a BOBCAT this morning, crossing the road. It ran into our neighbor's pasture.....which backs up to the chicken yard and buck pen. Needless to say, the baby goats didn't get much outdoor time this AM - usually I let them bounce around while I'm I put them up after hooking up the first flight. I REALLY don't want to lose any babies to some stinkin' predator! (Especially not my Chelly-belly. I've got too much emotional attachment to her. I KNEW that was gonna happen...but the scared-spitless reaction was kind of surprising.)

Work is insane. Contract demanded all the big checks this week. There were 41 of them; I JUST got them 2 weeks ago today. I'd been working on them, so I worked longer to try and get them done today so SG could take them up there tomorrow (as requested). Today, contract asks about not only *them*, but an entire OTHER company (42 checks) - and wants BOTH of them COMPLETE by tomorrow. No. Not just No, but HELL NO - there's NO WAY.

I managed to do *2* checks today, in 4.5 hours. Teeny-tiny print, multiple lines that have to be added for each entry, and 7 pages of it (the looking for the $2K in errors took almost as much time as keying it in the first place!). I have 5 checks to go - I quit. Contract can do them herself.....because I AM PART-TIME, I do NOT get paid to work longer hours (although I have this week, just to be nice) and I ain't gonna bust butt for someone that doesn't care. :sigh: I'll work on the other company a bit tomorrow...but I'm already OVER my weekly time. :snerk:

Needless to say, I haven't gotten any more school planning done. It's OK - I'm at a point that I just need to drop everything into PlanBook......I had HOPED to have the first 6 weeks or so scheduled, but I don't think that's going to happen. I have most of the next 2 weeks done, so I'll be happy with that.

Kids come home Saturday!!!!!!

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