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Stream of consciousness post.....

Ali - what type of pool do you have? If it's a metal-framed above ground pool, AVOID the salt systems. Yes, they work, and they save you $$$ each month (and the chlorine levels are less than a traditional system) - but eventually it will rust the supports and ruin your pool. Our lasted 5 years; the pool installer said that that's about average. Plus, the cell is EXPENSIVE - and they only last 2 - 3 years. We're going with regular chlorine with this pool.....since we already had everything set up, we only needed to buy the tablets (even a salt system uses the other chemicals, so we had some of them on hand. Bromine systems ALSO use the other chemicals.....the only difference in the 3 is the "main" chemical. Salt systems are actually cheap - you can use water softener salt @ $4.79/bag. It's the up-front costs on them that get you. And replacing the pool when it explodes...:lol:)

Anna - I plan on crashing this week. Today was feed and hay day (SG is off picking up another round bale now. I get to help unload it - whee!); now I have to do the normal Friday cleaning. Tomorrow is pick up the kids day, Sunday is the birthday party, and Monday is go to work day. I do have some work-work to do, but I am going to try and get it done by Wednesday, so I can take the REST of the week "off". And rest. And swim.

Gifts - Anna's post made me think. Lutherans don't talk about Spiritual Gifts much, so I really don't have a lot of....experience? Knowledge? of them. Lutherans tend to go for "talents" - you play an instrument? Great - you're on the list to solo on Communion Sundays! You sing? :boom: You're in the choir! You like kids? :Pow!: You're a Sunday School teacher/Nursery aide! I NEVER listed my violin playing, because a) I don't like to solo and b) my wrist won't let me play as much as I'd like. Granted, I am STILL a good player (and that's not bragging, that's what other people - some of whom actually *know* what "good playing" is supposed to sound like - say to me when they manage to catch my practicing - but I don't like "showing off" (which is what it is, when you volunteer to play solo during church. I can't see it any other way, not the way OTHER musicians acted when *they* "used their talents". :sigh: Yes, I have issues.)

I've been told over and over and over again that I need to be in counseling (NOT for myself, sillies! Listening to OTHER people's problems!!! :lol:) Every test I've ever taken has come back high in empathy; I did take a semester of psychology way back when, and enjoyed it...but I don't like ending up with that much knowledge about people. I do play "sounding-board" to folks......:sigh:

I also like teaching - especially younglings! - but THAT blew up at our last church. :sigh: I guess answering questions with *other* questions (ie: "why did Noah take snakes on the Ark?" "Well....God created snakes, didn't He? Do you think He wanted all His creations to totally die, or do you think maybe He wanted to save some of them? Why?" etc.) was a no-no. As was grabbing coloring pages from Jewish sites (never mind that Jesus WAS A JEW. I mean - never mind. Preachin' to the choir here - and I'm not even requiring y'all to sing! :lol:)

But....I really don't KNOW what Gifts I have - if any. :hangs head: I figure, He'll let me know when I *need* to know. (Not a cop-out, honest!)

Other: Went to the JP today and wrote a check. Paperwork's been turned over to our loverly Constable, and we'll be getting papers in the mail. I'm glad it's done.....not happy we had to do it, but...we need the $$$ back. And not just to pay off the AmEx. :nods:

Gotta do my Friday cleaning. Shabbat Shalom!

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