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1. Anna, I'm not saying to toss all the books....just to be aware of what they might make you feel, so you can counter it. And.....I don't normally talk about Spiritual warfare, but this might have been an attack. I was hit with the Mother of all headaches after I straightened myself up...and it FINALLY went away last night. Yes, I did take 2 ibuprofen (I decided the itchiness was worth it, to get RID of the blinding pain, and the desire to claw out my eyes when the lights were turned on)....but it went off like a switch when I asked if it *could* be something more than "normal". If that makes sense.

2. Baby goats: growing like weeds. All of them are chowing down pellets like they were fine Belgium chocolate - and hay like it was manna. :lol: Even baby Chell is scarfing it down - which is good. They're down to 2 bottles a day....I want to cut them back again, but I don't think Chell is ready - I think she needs a bit more milk. The, but I can't see how to wean them when the doelings are still getting bottles. Must think on this.....

3. School: still noodling around with the routine. Right now, the box isn't working.....I'm not sure if it's because it's NEW!, or if it's just not "right"...I'll give it more time. I didn't like the almost total hands-off we're back to me reading Latin, Hebrew, and the other combined classes; Latin, I wasn't sure if they were *getting* it, without asking them to translate out loud during the readings. We were back to the old way today, and it went much better. *I* need to read the History lesson(s)...I've caught up on Geography and Science. :lol:

3a. The kids are watching "Sherlock Holmes", the first one with Robert Downey Jr. LOVE it...but I'm upping the ante - they will read one of Doyle's Sherlock stories when this is finished, and we'll compare characters. :snicker: Discuss if *this* interpretation is "correct", right, or totally off-base, and discuss how plots compare.

4. Weather: We've gotten NO rain since we put the pool up. It's like we have an umbrella over us again....weirdness. Massive thunder-boomers all around us, even hail, but we? Get nothing.

We went for a walk this morning, and took Snips. She loved it, but is now passed out by the sofa. Little lard-butt needed did I. :lol:

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